WriteShop Primary Book B SET

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This Book B SET includes both components of WriteShop Primary Book B: Teacher’s Guide and student Activity Pack.


WriteShop Primary Book B introduces the steps of the writing process through engaging activities, crafts, and picture books and creates an environment that promotes a joy of learning. The program accommodates pre-writers as well as beginning and developing writers. Children who are reluctant or not able to write on their own are encouraged to dictate their stories and ideas to you. As their skills develop, they will learn to help more and more with the actual writing. For more advanced students, extra challenges appear throughout each lesson to promote stronger writing habits.

Successful writing results from purposeful instruction. WriteShop Primary has been created with parent-and-child partnership in mind, so plan to work together with your student through each step of the program.

WriteShop Primary Book B SET includes

If purchasing the PRINT version

The consumable Activity Pack may be photocopied for single-family use only.

If purchasing the E-BOOK (digital) version

The digital Book B SET is available as a PDF download. It contains everything you will need for teaching Book B, whether you plan to use the program with just one child or with several. Feel free to download and print as many copies from the Activity Pack e-book as you need for your immediate family's use only.

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Nancy I. Sanders

Grade Level

1st or 2nd grade; may also be used with reluctant 3rd graders


Print or digital bundle

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What Parents Are Saying…

Writeshop breaks the writing process down into manageable chunks, and throws in fun activities and crafts. This in my opinion is a recipe for success!  The proof for me was hearing both boys enthusiastically say that WriteShop is one of their favourite parts of school!! 
Rusheika, Island Mama’s Adventures

My son progressed in his ability to organize his thoughts before starting to write …. I love the way the curriculum guided him through the writing process in small steps, and the way it offered me lots of options to tailor it to him.
Debbie, Florida

[My daughter] told me it was so fun that it didn’t feel like school. It was one of those moments in time, you know? The ones that keep you going on hard days? 
Jen, Happy Little Homemaker

The highlight … for all of us is the publishing projects. I never took the time before WriteShop to treat the kids’ writing like the treasures that they are, and turning their stories into a board game or a gigantic comic strip is a great way to motivate the kids to put their heart-felt effort into writing their stories.
Julie, California

As a parent of a struggling 3rd grade writer, I am so excited about this program! The ideas in Book B helped my son to be able to come up with his own stories. His penmanship skills also were lacking, and the suggestion from the book for him to dictate stories to me was exactly what he needed to succeed.
Cheryl, North Carolina

This curriculum really makes the process fun. My daughter loved the hands-on aspect, from coloring, to cutting, to making her own booklet, to tracing, to answering questions that really made her think, to drawing and tracing. 
Tere, Puddle Jumping


WriteShop Primary Book B includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Writing a Letter
Lesson 2: Standard Spelling
Lesson 3: Acrostics
Lesson 4: Poems and Nursery Rhymes
Lesson 5: Fairy Tales and Predictable Stories
Lesson 6: In the News
Lesson 7: Writing with Humor (Voice)
Lesson 8: Problem and Solution
Lesson 9: Character and Setting
Lesson 10: Story Organizers

Working three days a week, you will typically finish one lesson in three weeks. Each lesson includes pre-writing games, story planning (brainstorming), story writing (with help as needed), very simple editing, and publishing the story in craft form.

In Book B, children will:

  • Become more familiar with the writing process
  • Organize the main parts of a story before beginning to write
  • Include an introduction, body, and closing
  • Identify the main character in stories
  • Learn to add details to a story
  • Organize a story to include a problem and its solution
  • Write a letter
  • Write a personal narrative
  • Retell nursery rhymes and fairy tales in their own words
  • Publish stories through projects or crafts

Other Key Writing Concepts:

  • Paragraph form and indentation
  • Practicing with punctuation
  • Identifying the parts of a friendly letter
  • Using words that rhyme
  • Using a different voice to tell a story
  • Choosing story endings
  • Using a dictionary to help improve writing and spelling skills

WriteShop Primary Book B Activity and Project Examples:

  • Garden of Rhyming Words notebook
  • Friendly letter boogie
  • Can of Words spelling activity
  • Story Bucket organizer
  • “Go Fishing” game
  • Telling time
  • Puppet show
  • Holiday acrostic
  • Rocket ship story project
  • Nursery rhyme shape book
  • Fairytale story basket
  • Giant comic strip
  • Animal homes story bag

WriteShop Primary activities use materials and supplies that most families already have on hand.