WriteShop Junior Book D SET

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This Book D SET includes all three components of WriteShop Junior Book D:

Teacher’s Guide
Activity Pack w/Fold-N-Go Grammar
Time-Saver Pack


WriteShop Junior is a creative writing program that appeals to many learning styles. As with all WriteShop products, Book D helps you guide students through the steps of the writing process. To keep the experience fun, each lesson includes games and activities that teach and review important writing and self-editing skills.

Successful writing results from purposeful instruction. WriteShop Junior has been created with parent-and-child partnership in mind, so plan to work together with your student through each step of the program.

WriteShop Junior Book D SET includes

If Purchasing the PRINT Version

The consumable Activity Pack may be reproduced for your immediate family. Student Worksheet pages are printed on white paper and will reproduce clearly. The Fold-N-Go Grammar section, which is printed on colored paper, may not photocopy well.

  • Option 1: If photocopying is not an option, buy an extra Book D Activity Pack for each additional student.
  • Option 2: If you plan to photocopy the white Student Worksheet pages from the Activity Pack but give each child their own Fold-N-Go, buy an extra Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack for each additional child.

If Purchasing the E-BOOK (Digital) Version

The digital Book D SET is available as a PDF download. It contains everything you will need for teaching Book D, whether you plan to use the program with just one child or with several. Feel free to download and print as many copies from the E-books as you need for your immediate family's use only.

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Nancy I. Sanders

Grade Level

3rd or 4th grade; may also be used with reluctant 5th graders


Print or digital bundle

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What Parents Are Saying…

WriteShop has changed my little boy into a writer … I am just so happy that he is excited about writing!
Erika, Texas

Every time I bring out a writing program, it ends in tears. Thank you for a writing lesson without tears!
Pam, New Zealand

Do you want to know the BEST thing?  She still complains about writing … but I find her writing all over the place now. In her room. In the car. In her journal. She just finished writing a play with her sister.  The spark has been ignited…
Taunya, Walking with Shiloh

We’re nearing the end of our year and I give WriteShop Junior D two thumbs up. I’m delighted with what my daughter has accomplished during the year and I’m also delighted that I can hold onto this program to use with her little brother later. Even though he has different learning styles, strengths and interests, I am confident this program can meet him at his level and help him be a better writer, too!
Heidi, Product Reviewer, The Curriculum Choice

We’d like to share our choices for the 2014 Blue Ribbon Awards! … Favorite Writing Curriculum: WriteShop
Schoolhouse Review Crew

WriteShop Junior Book D includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Letter of Invitation
Lesson 2: Humor
Lesson 3: Adventure
Lesson 4: Science Fiction
Lesson 5: Mystery
Lesson 6: Poetry/Haiku
Lesson 7: Folktales
Lesson 8: Historical Fiction
Lesson 9: Personal Narrative
Lesson 10: Expository Writing: Factual Article

Working three days a week, you will typically finish one lesson in three weeks. Each lesson includes pre-writing games, brainstorming with graphic organizers, story writing (with help as needed), self-editing, and publishing the story in a creative way.

Other skills introduced in Book D include:

  • Identifying and using proper grammar and punctuation
  • Narrowing a broad topic to a specific topic
  • Brainstorming before writing
  • Structuring a sentence
  • Writing a paragraph
  • Choosing strong words instead of weak ones
  • Writing sentences of different lengths
  • Using emotion words to develop voice
  • Using the five senses to add descriptive detail
  • Self-editing and revising 
  • Creatively publishing final drafts