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Write a Christmas cinquain poem

by | Dec 10, 2009 | Poetry

Write a Christmas Cinquain Poem | Kids love these easy, pattern-based holiday poems!

Cinquain poems are easy to write and a lot of fun too. The simplicity comes from following a set pattern of words and phrases. The resulting poem—five lines in a special shape—is rich with colorful, concrete vocabulary. Here are two examples:

Golden, shiny
Glowing, glittering, sparkling
Twinkles on our tree

. . . . .

Amazed, awed
Watching, waiting, listening
Hurrying to the manger

For a simple holiday writing activity, try assigning some Christmas cinquains. Follow the instructions and pattern in my blog post, Writing a Cinquain Poem. Choose from the following ideas, or come up with your own!

  • Baby/Jesus
  • Mother/Mary
  • Visitors/Magi
  • Ornament/Angel
  • Ornament/Star
  • Ornament/Snowman
  • Cookie/Gingerbread man
  • Giftwrap/Bow
  • Decoration/Stocking
  • Decoration/Wreath
  • Tree/Fir
  • Light/Candle
  • Treat/Candy cane
  • Toy/Train
  • Helper/Elf

Share a comment: We’d love to read your children’s Christmas cinquains!

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