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WriteShop Junior Book F for grades 5-6 • homeschool writing curriculum

WriteShop Junior Book F is now available.

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The wait is almost over! We’re excited to announce that the 2017 release of our long-awaited new product, WriteShop Junior Book F, is just around the corner! To be sure you’re notified of the limited-time pre-order offers starting July 1, 2017, please subscribe to our mailing list if you’re not already receiving our emails.

“Who knew you could use games and hands-on activities to teach writing! My daughter
really enjoyed the creative lessons, journal prompts, and ideas for publishing her stories.”
–Mindy Henry, Utah

Who can use WriteShop Junior Book F?

The third level in our WriteShop Junior series, Book F is written for children in 5th and 6th grade but may also be used with reluctant writers in 7th grade. It’s ideal for students who are not quite ready for the junior-high level of WriteShop I or who would still enjoy and benefit from hands-on writing activities. Book F may also appeal to 8th graders with special needs.

“Write Shop Junior has been such a blessing for my daughter. When she started using the program,
she was a reluctant writer. Now, she proclaims that writing is her favorite subject.
Book F has brought a fun element to a difficult subject.”
–Lauren Bell, Virginia

What kinds of writing does Book F teach?

Book F contains 10 lessons (chapters). Working three days a week, you will typically finish one lesson in three weeks. Each lesson includes pre-writing games, brainstorming with graphic organizers, story or report writing, self-editing, and publishing the writing project in a creative way. These are the 10 writing projects students will complete in Book F.

Lesson 1  Adventure
Lesson 2  Tall Tales
Lesson 3  Mystery
Lesson 4  Historical Fiction
Lesson 5  Limerick Poetry
Lesson 6  Persuasive Letter
Lesson 7  Personal Narrative (Intro to 5-paragraph writing)
Lesson 8 Summary (5 paragraphs)
Lesson 9  Responding to Literature (5 paragraphs)
Lesson 10  Nonfiction Report (5 paragraphs)

WriteShop F

What skills are taught in Book F?

  • Writing in different fiction genres
  • Writing nonfiction and book reports
  • Learning to write using 5 paragraphs
  • Answering journal prompts
  • Planning and organizing each writing project
  • Choosing strong words and synonyms
  • Including sensory detail
  • Writing sentences of different lengths
  • Adding sentence starters
  • Using dialogue to show, not tell
  • Developing voice and emotion
  • Publishing final drafts in a creative way
  • Using references
  • Using self-editing tools
  • Learning and practicing key grammar skills

“We truly believe in WriteShop Junior. It has changed my son’s whole opinion
of writing. He is no longer afraid to write. Book F has equipped him with some
great skills and given him so much confidence.”
–Michelle Manley, Florida

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Want a sneak peek? Download a complete sample lesson from WriteShop Jr. Book F. (If you would like to share this lesson with others, link to this post. Do not link directly to the PDF file. Feel free to print this PDF file for your own personal use. Please do not sell or host this file anywhere else.)

Download the PDF file .

Book F release timeline

July 1, 2017
Pre-orders begin with special, one-time offers available only during the six-week pre-order period

Aug. 15, 2017
Last day to lock in your special pre-order offers

Aug. 16, 2017
Digital pre-orders delivered (barring unexpected delays)

Sept. 15, 2017
Print pre-orders shipped (barring unexpected delays)

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