WriteShop Junior Activity Pack | Book F (w/Fold-N-Go Grammar)

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This Activity Pack contains two important components your child will need to complete portions of each lesson: Student Worksheet Pack F and Level 3 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack.

This is not a stand-alone product. Worksheet instructions are found in the Book F Teacher’s Guide.


An essential part of WriteShop Junior Book F, the Activity Pack is actually two workbooks in one! The left side contains the Student Worksheets, and the right side contains the Level 2 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack. Both are tear-off pads.


The Student Worksheet portion of the Activity Pack has 89 activity pages your child will use to complete parts of each lesson. Games, word banks, worksheets, and graphic organizers introduce children to lifelong writing skills such as brainstorming and self-editing.

Student Worksheet Pack includes

  • Pre-writing Activities
  • Skill Builders
  • Journal Prompt Pages
  • Brainstorming Worksheets
  • Reading Log Forms
  • Self-editing Checklists
  • Evaluation Charts


Make 10 Fold-N-Go grammar and writing guides, each devoted to a different skill. Simple rules, engaging examples, and practice exercises make learning or reviewing grammar fun! By the end of Level 3, children will have assembled their own set of 10 portable reference folders.

Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack includes

  • 10 Fold-N-Go Grammar Guides printed on colored paper
  • 20 Fold-N-Go Bookmarks for quick review
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Answer Keys

You will also need 10 tabbed file folders (not included).

The Activity Pack is not a stand-alone product. It is necessary for success with WriteShop Junior Book F and requires the Book F Teacher’s Guide for instructions.

For your convenience, Book F is also available as a bundled set, which includes the Teacher’s GuideActivity Pack, Time-Saver Pack, and Junior Writer's Notebook 2.

If purchasing the PRINT version

Each child will need his or her own Activity Pack. You may purchase one Activity Pack per student, or you may reproduce pages for single-family use only. If you plan to make copies, please note the following:

  • Student Worksheet pages are white and will photocopy cleanly.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Fold-N-Go pages are printed on colored paper and may not reproduce well (with some printers, pages come out gray). If you plan to make copies of the white Student Worksheet pages, it is recommended that you also purchase an extra Level 3 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack (sold separately) for each additional child.

If purchasing the E-BOOK (digital) version

  • Digital Version is available for immediate download. You will receive an email containing a link to the digital download of the Activity Pack.
  • You may print as many Activity Pack pages as you need for your single-family use only.

Notice to Co-ops and Schools

  • Worksheet pages and evaluation charts may be reproduced for single-family use only.
  • Co-ops and schools may NOT print the Activity Pack pages without a site license agreement.
  • Please contact WriteShop regarding educational discounts and site-licensing information.

Product Details


Nancy I. Sanders



Grade Level

5th or 6th grade; may also be used with reluctant 7th (or even 8th) graders


2-pack wraparound book cover with tear-off pages, Student Worksheets make up half of the Junior Activity Pack, Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack makes up the other half




Yes, you'll need both teacher and student components

What Parents Are Saying…

The game activities were our favorite part of the program. What better way to learn a new skill or writing tool than with non-threatening and fun activity!
Rosemary, California

My daughter really caught on to the whole writing process this year…. She really began to understand the importance of brainstorming before writing. Her self-editing skills really improved, and she became more independent as she used the checklists.
Mindy, Utah

The brainstorming worksheets and self-editing checklists … are important tools for enabling beginners to become independent in their writing as the year progresses.
Jessica, California

My daughter loved the games that went along with the lessons—great tools to remember or visualize what was being taught.  I have watched her go from dreading writing, to tolerating it, to writing on her own.
Brina, California

The brainstorm worksheets were my favorite part of the whole program. They made the writing process so “bite-sized” and thorough. If my son followed through on the worksheets, he was completely prepared to face his writing project!
Jennifer, Illinois

The worksheets and activities were very helpful in concretely guiding my child to put her thoughts and ideas into words.
Susan, California

The editing worksheets teach them that editing can be fun, not dreaded.
Kelley, South Dakota

Book F Student Worksheets

Lesson 1
Pre-writing: Get Ready for Adventure! Prompts
Skill Builder: Concrete Word Bank
Skill Builder: Concrete Word Bank Dollars
Journal Prompt
Brainstorming: Grid
Brainstorming: Propeller and Wings
Proofreading Marks
Writing Across the Curriculum: Adventure Planner

Lesson 2
Tall Tales Chart
Pre-writing: Taller Than Life: Paul Bunyan
Pre-writing: Taller Than Life: Babe
Skill Builder: Sentence Length Flip Card (2 pages)
Journal Prompt
Brainstorming: Grid
Brainstorming: Figures of Speech Bubbles
Self-editing Check

Lesson 3
Pre-writing: Choose Your Own Mystery Board
Pre-writing: Mystery and Suspect Cards
Pre-writing: Detective and Clue Cards
Skill Builder: Colorful Descriptions Paint Box
Journal Prompt
Publishing: Writing Paper
Self-editing Check
Concrete Bank Register

Lesson 4
Pre-writing: You Were There! Spinner
Pre-writing: You Were There! Game Board
Pre-writing: You Were There! Historical Figures List
Skill Builder: Go-Back-in-Time Machine
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check
Punctuation Foundation

Lesson 5
Pre-writing: Wild and Wacky Limericks
Rhyme Time Rhyming Words Lists
Skill Builder: Dramatic Voice
Journal Prompt
Limerick Self-editing Check

Lesson 6
Pre-writing: Pets for Sale
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check
Concrete Bank Register (Lessons 6-10)
Alphabet Monograms

Lesson 7
Pre-writing: Five Senses Spin-off Cards
Skill Builder: Sentence Dominoes
Journal Prompt
Indoor Scavenger Hunt Clues
Self-editing Check
Galaxy Pinball Editing

Lesson 8
Pre-writing: Story Stacker Board
Pre-writing: Story Stacker Cards
Skill Builder: Transitions
Skill Builder: Transitions Word Search
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Lesson 9
Pre-writing: Take a Book Walk
Skill Builder: Story Tree
Journal Prompt
Self-editing Check

Lesson 10
Pre-writing: Story Stretchers Report
Pre-writing: Story Stretchers Report Expansion Cards
Pre-writing: Story Stretchers Diagram
Skill Builder: Choose Your Own Report Game Board
Skill Builder: Choose Your Own Report Game Pieces
Skill Builder: Choose Your Own Report Display Boards
Journal Prompt
Alternative Brainstorming Worksheet
Self-editing Check
Blue Ribbon Editor

Additional Resources

Blank Reading Logs
5-Star Reading Log
Reading Log Chapter Check
Reading Log Journal
Reading Log Summary
Nonfiction Reading Quest

Blank Journal Pages

Evaluation Charts
Junior Writing Skills Evaluation Chart 1-6
Junior Writing Skills Evaluation Chart 7-10

Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack

Students will make the following guides using the Level 3 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack:

Lesson 1: Grammar Review
Lesson 2: Figures of Speech
Lesson 3: Journals
Lesson 4: Point of View
Lesson 5: Poetry
Lesson 6: Contractions
Lesson 7: Paragraph Pointers
Lesson 8: Apostrophes
Lesson 9: Responding to Literature
Lesson 10: Commas