WriteShop II Student Workbook (5th ed)

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WriteShop II offers more challenging assignments such as descriptive narration, point of view, narrative voice, persuasion, and introduction to 5-paragraph essays (including timed essays). The consumable workbook contains Skill Builders, word banks, detailed writing instructions, editing checklists, and evaluation forms.

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Where WriteShop I established a basic framework of descriptive, informative, and narrative writing, WriteShop II helps students expand their writing abilities. This second volume builds on that earlier foundation as compositions shift focus to descriptive narration, narrative voice, point of view, and use of tense. Later lessons introduce persuasive writing and the basic 5-paragraph essay model. Students will write multiple kinds of essays, where they will learn to express an opinion and develop and support it with facts, details, and examples.

Students write one composition over a two-week period, revising it twice. Incremental in approach, exercises are designed to be approached consecutively, building upon previously learned material. Working through assignments by brainstorming, drafting, and revising, students learn to edit their papers methodically, using a Writing Skills Checklist purposefully tailored to the individual lesson.

What's new in the 5th edition?

  • Faith-neutral content (non-religious)
  • Updated, streamlined introduction
  • Updated content in some lessons
  • Improved 5-paragraph essay structure
  • Updated student instructions
  • Updated student & teacher checklists

WriteShop II Student Workbook includes

  • 14 lessons (most students complete the book in one year, two weeks per lesson)
  • Step-by-step instructions for each lesson, written to the student
  • Creative and varied writing assignments and supplemental activities
  • Skill Builders that teach and reinforce new concepts
  • Examples, lesson directions, and exercises---some of which are completed in-book, and others that must be written on separate paper
  • Lesson-specific student and teacher checklists (one per lesson)
  • Composition evaluation rubrics (one per lesson)
  • 17 exhaustive word banks

To see an overview of WriteShop II content, click the Scope & Sequence tab above.

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Though ideal for most 8th-11th graders, WriteShop II works successfully with seniors who need to learn basic essay-writing skills. In most cases, it is recommended that students complete WriteShop I before beginning WriteShop II.

The Synonym Finder - recommended thesaurusA good thesaurus is essential for WriteShop students. The Synonym Finder  [affiliate link] is our favorite thesaurus, and we highly recommend it for use with the WriteShop program.

If purchasing the E-BOOK (digital) version

You will receive an email containing a link to the digital download of the Student Workbook.

Photocopying Policy

Purchase one WriteShop II workbook per student. Alternatively, you may duplicate certain pages according to these policies:

  • Permission is granted to reproduce worksheet pages and rubrics for single-family use only.
  • You do not have permission to reproduce read-only pages (pages that are not intended to be written on).
  • To make copies of the entire student workbook (single-family use only), purchase the e-book (digital) version.
  • Co-ops and schools may NOT make copies. Please contact WriteShop regarding educational discounts and site-licensing information.

Teacher's Manual for WriteShop I and II

WriteShop II is not a stand-alone book. The Teacher's Manual provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to teach both WriteShop I and WriteShop II. This critical resource contains many instructional activities needed for introducing or explaining key concepts. These materials are NOT always present in the student book. We recommend that you purchase WriteShop I as part of the Basic Set, but you may also purchase the Teacher's Manual separately.

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Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar


9781935027515, 9781935027522


5th edition

Grade Level

8th-11th grades; may also be used with 12th graders who need basic essay skills


Looseleaf pages; 3-hole punched, Paperback, Consumable




Yes, you'll need both teacher and student components

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What Parents Are Saying…

I am SO very thankful for our using WriteShop 1 & 2 the last two years with Laurianna. That program gave her such a great headstart in becoming a great writer – which shows in her literature papers.
Jolanthe Erb, Homeschool Creations

The last couple of papers were some of the best she’s ever written. She was to write a descriptive paper, first in first person, then in third. I could actually picture the scene she was describing in my mind! It was filled with rich, vivid detail. I can’t even tell you how pleased I was. She had a great time with the exaggeration paper, too. I think that one was her favorite to write. It’s fun to see your kids get excited about writing.
Kris Bales, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

We have just finished Lesson 1 in Writing Shop II with The Boy. He wrote a description of his favorite sword … It is one of his best paragraphs to date … Thank you, WriteShop!
Tauna, Walking with Shiloh

Somehow the words fun and writing have become connected, ever since we started using WriteShop. That, along with the progress I’m seeing in my students’ writing, is the highest recommendation I can give.
Zandra Owen, Eclectic Homeschool Online

We went through WriteShop I and II. Previously, we used other programs [that] never clicked with dd. She HATED writing and it showed. WriteShop breaks everything down into manageable steps. Is this program for the advanced writer? Emphatically no. But it worked wonders for my reluctant writer … She no longer hates writing and in fact has become quite proficient. I credit WriteShop for that.
hewitt275, HomeschoolReviews.com

Scope & Sequence

WriteShop II:  Advanced Writing Applications

WriteShop II begins at Lesson 17. It is a continuation of WriteShop I, which includes Lessons 1-16.

Lesson 17   Describing an Object Reviewing Concreteness & Sentence Variations

Lesson 18   Describing a Place Reviewing Sensory Description & Sentence Variations

Lesson 19   Writing a Short Report Outlining

Lesson 20   Exaggeration Descriptive/Informative & Descriptive/Persuasive

Lesson 21   First-Person Point of View, Part 1  Descriptive/Narrative

Lesson 22   First-Person Point of View, Part 2  Changing Points of View

Lesson 23   Narrative Voice First- and Third-Person Narrative

Lesson 24   Persuasive Writing (Writing an Ad) Writing to Convince

Lesson 25   Opinion Essay Intro to 5-Paragraph Essays/Parallelism

Lesson 26   Letter to the Editor Developing Points through Outlining

Lesson 27   Compare or Contrast Essay, Part 1 Venn Diagrams

Lesson 28   Compare or Contrast Essay, Part 2 Venn Diagrams

Lesson 29   Essays That Describe or Define Developing Points through Outlining

Lesson 30   Timed Essays Writing within a Time Limit