WriteShop I Video Companion Course (Video ONLY)


This is a companion course to use alongside WriteShop I. Clear instructions, colorful graphics, and practical examples keep your teen’s attention and encourage independence.

One-time purchase of each course permits use for your entire family.
To see a lesson, click the Video Preview tab below.

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Your teen will love the fresh new look of the updated WriteShop I Video Course!

Do We Need the Video Course?

Even though WriteShop I was created for parents who struggle to teach homeschool writing, sometimes we just need extra help. Perhaps you:

  • Want to help your teen become a more independent writer.
  • Don't feel equipped to teach middle- or high-school writing.
  • Can't afford a writing class or tutor.
  • Homeschool many children.

Play With Education* offers e-learning solutions for families using WriteShop I. If you're unsure about teaching writing on your own, or you don't have time to add one more thing to your schedule, this online Video Companion Course may be the answer.

What's Been Updated?

  • Fresh, teen-friendly graphics for better visual appeal
  • Fun examples and lots of humor
  • Relevance for today’s teens
  • Additional self-editing tips
  • Improved course navigation
  • More concise teaching time
  • Faster loading technology

About the WriteShop I Video Course

This is an online (not DVD) Companion Course for WriteShop I that walks teens through each lesson and activity.

Lessons use examples and demonstrations teens can relate to. Using text, pictures, and friendly narrative, each 10- to 15-minute module gives in-depth explanations of the lesson's key points in a fun and easily understood way.

Video Course Features

  • You may use the video course for your entire family.
  • You will need Internet access. Course is not available on DVD.
  • Access the course through your personal, password-protected portal.
  • Go at your own pace. Lessons never expire.
  • Instructor is an experienced private tutor who has taught and edited papers for WriteShop students for over a decade.

To see a lesson, click the Video Lesson Sample tab above.

The Video Course provides STUDENTS with:

  • Composition examples for each lesson.
  • Step-by-step demos of each step of the writing process.
  • Tips for finding repeated words, passive verbs, and other common mistakes.
  • Self-editing guidance.

The Video Course provides PARENTS with:

  • Overview of the entire WriteShop program.
  • Scheduling flexibility.
  • "Edit Fearlessly" videos ($69.95 value) to help you edit your student's papers with confidence.

Video Course Requirements

This course supplements the required WriteShop student and teacher materials (sold separately). In addition to the Video Course and Internet access, you will need the following products:

How to Access the Video Lessons

*** Course is not available on DVD***

Within a few days of purchase, you will receive email instructions for logging in to the Student Portal. As long as you have an Internet connection, your student can access the course any time.

*The Fine Print

WriteShop® is the registered trademark of WriteShop, Inc.  PlayWith Education is not affiliated with WriteShop, Inc.  The PlayWith.Education website, videos, and other tutoring materials refer to various WriteShop-copyrighted materials and registered marks owned by WriteShop, Inc.  The trademarked names in PlayWith.Education's website, videos, and tutoring materials are used with permission of WriteShop.

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Play With Education

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Junior high and high school


Online video course

Companion Products

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, Teacher's Manual for WriteShop I & II, WriteShop I student workbook