WriteShop I Video Course Bundle – PRINT Books


Everything you need to get started with the WriteShop I Video Course in this all-in-one Value Bundle. Includes Video Course* plus PRINT versions of WriteShop I student book, Teacher’s manual, and Poster (5 Steps of the Writing Process).

Grades 6-10

To see a sample video lesson, click the Video Preview tab below.

*Internet connection required. Not available in DVD.

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Inspiring Successful Writers

Even though WriteShop was created for parents who struggle to teach writing, sometimes we just need extra help. If this describes you, this complete WriteShop I Video Course Bundle may be the answer to inspiring success at home. The online Video Course from PlayWith.Education* teaches all WriteShop I lessons and walks students step-by-step through each activity. You'll find everything you need in this convenient value pack.

This WriteShop I Video Course Bundle includes PRINT books:

The Synonym Finder - recommended thesaurusA good thesaurus is essential for WriteShop students. The Synonym Finder [affiliate link] is our favorite thesaurus, and we highly recommend it for use with this WriteShop Video Course Bundle.

How to Access the Video Lessons

*** Course is not available on DVD***

Within a few days of purchasing your Video Course Bundle, you will receive email instructions for logging in to the online Student Portal. As long as you have an Internet connection, your teen will be able to access the course at any time.

To see a lesson, click the Sample Video tab above.

*Fine Print

WriteShop® is the registered trademark of WriteShop, Inc.  PlayWith Education is not affiliated with WriteShop, Inc.  The PlayWith.Education website, videos, and other tutoring materials refer to various WriteShop-copyrighted materials and registered marks owned by WriteShop, Inc.  The trademarked names in PlayWith.Education's website, videos, and tutoring materials are used with permission of WriteShop. 

Product Details


Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar, Play With Education


5th edition, Also works with earlier editions

Grade Level

6th-10th grade; may also be used with 11th graders w/little or no writing experience


Online video course

TM Format

Soft cover with plastic-coil binding; lies flat for ease of use; features tab-divided sections

Workbook Format

Loose-leaf in wraparound cover; 3-hole drilled; consumable workbook

Updated! WriteShop I Video Course Preview

  • In the Video Course, every WriteShop lesson is broken down into several units.
  • Units contain activities, instructions, examples, and other helpful teaching tips.
  • The video sample below, taken from Lesson 8 in WriteShop I, includes a brief segment from each unit.


WriteShop I: Fundamentals of Writing

Lesson 1a   Introducing WriteShop  Concrete Writing/Using a Thesaurus

Lesson 1b   Describing an Object  Concrete Writing/The Writing Process

Lesson 2     Describing a Pet  Conciseness/Choosing Synonyms

Lesson 3     Describing a Person  Paired Adjectives/Editing

Lesson 4     Describing a Circus Performer  Concrete Writing/Topic Sentences

Lesson 5     Describing a Food  Sensory Description

Lesson 6     Describing a Season  Similes/Limiting Narration

Lesson 7     Describing a Place  Present Participles

Lesson 8     Explaining a Process  Informative Writing/Sequencing

Lesson 9     Writing a Factual Report  Informative Reports/Avoiding Plagiarism

Lesson 10   Writing a Concise Biography Conciseness/Appositives/Adverb Phrases

Lesson 11   Introducing Journalism  Writing a News Article

Lesson 12   Writing a Narrative of an Emotional Event  Narratives/Prepositions

Lesson 13   Writing a Narrative of Another Person’s Experience  Conducting an Interview

Lesson 14   First-Person Point of View  Point of View/Personification

Lesson 15    First-Person Point of View  Limited Omniscience/Tense

Lesson 16   Third-Person Point of View  Omniscience/Past Participles