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WriteShop I & II 5th edition launch! | Homeschool writing program for teens

by | May 4, 2020 | Teaching Homeschool Writing, WriteShop I & II

WriteShop I & II Bundle

I can hardly believe it’s been 17 years since we released an updated version of WriteShop I and II. We’re excited to announce that WriteShop I & II 5th edition books are now available in our store—including a WriteShop I & II Bundle!

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What’s new in WriteShop I & II 5th edition?

This new edition may be used with confidence by every homeschooler, regardless of world view. This should simplify ordering and prevent confusion among customers who have previously used our WriteShop Primary or WriteShop Junior levels, which have always been free of faith references.

5th ed. Student Workbook changes include:

  • No religious content
  • Updated introduction
  • Updated and improved student instructions
  • Brand-new content for Lesson 15 (First-Person Limited Omniscience)
  • Updated content in several lessons, such as essay instructions for Lessons 25-29 in WriteShop II.
  • Updated student & teacher checklists
  • WriteShop II: Improved, high-resolution print quality

5th ed. Teacher’s Manual changes include:

  • No religious content
  • Streamlined introduction
  • Updated student examples section
  • Updated answer keys for Skill Builders and pre-writing activities
  • Refreshed and updated schedules for easier planning
  • Improved, high-resolution quality
  • NOW AVAILABLE in both print and digital versions

WriteShop I and II help you teach and reinforce the steps of the writing process to your homeschooled junior high and high schoolers. 

Step-by-step instructions and self-editing checklists help them grow in their independence. Also, parent rubrics ensure you’re assessing their writing objectively!

Will the 4th and 5th editions work together?

Do you already own a 4th edition Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II?

Can you use 5th edition WriteShop I & II Student Workbooks with your existing 4th edition Teacher’s Manual? The short answer is yes.

We’ve updated Pre-writing Activities and Skill Builders here and there. So in the 5th edition student workbooks, you might find some minor differences in your 4th edition answer keys.

You may also notice a few small differences between the teacher lessons plans and the student workbook instructions. But overall, the two editions are compatible.

Can charter schools use 5th edition books?

Yes! Our materials contain no religious references. So the new WriteShop I & II editions, like our younger-level Primary and Junior books, will work in any public, private, charter school, co-op, or homeschool setting.

If you have other questions about WriteShop I & II 5th edition books, please reach out to us! We’re here to help.

WriteShop I & II 5th edition books are here!  You'll love the refreshed content, updated student instructions, improved checklists, and more!

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