Wordless Wednesday – Stuck like glue

Doing your holiday shopping? Good news! Though some stores’ chocolate Santas and Gummi Bears may jump up and run away, you can rest assured that this store offers stationary candies. Stationary candies

Stationary vs. stationery

. . . . .

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Photo courtesy of Ben Ostrowsky.


  • Posted December 18, 2008


    Where do you find these signs? They always crack me up! I would totally NOT shop in a store that had that sign out – I choose to boycott stores that can’t spell. I just have major issues with that type of thing.

  • Posted December 18, 2008


    I take some of the photos myself, but I’ve found others through hours of searching around online. I’ve come across other hilarious signs, but I try to keep the focus on grammar and spelling faux pas.

    Wish I’d had my camera Monday night. Office Max had a misspell on one of their signs. Does that mean I have to boycott them?

  • Posted March 6, 2009

    Ben Ostrowsky

    I found the sign at Publix, a grocery store I’ve seen in Florida and Georgia.

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