Willy Worm Word Wall

If the Gathering of Adjectives game seems too advanced for your K-2nd graders, you may enjoy using this simplified adjective-building activity with them from WriteShop Primary Book C.

Willy Worm Word Wall  


Make a Willy Worm Word Wall

First, cut out about a dozen 3-inch circles from construction paper to make a Willy Worm Word Wall. Tape the circles together in a row to form a worm. Mount the worm on a wall or place it on a countertop. Draw a smiley face on the first circle to represent the worm’s face. On the first three blank circles, write various describing words (adjectives), one word per circle. Use words such as small, fast, yellow, soft, or bumpy.

Collect Some Objects

Gather a variety of small items in a shoe box such as a kitchen timer, toy car, stuffed animal, pencil, and spoon.

Play the Game 

Play a simple game with your child to practice using words to describe things. Here’s how:

  1. First choose one object from the shoe box, but don’t show it to your child. Say 5-10 words or sentences that describe the object. Example: long, has a thin handle, made of metal, cold, has a round end that’s shaped like a little bowl, smooth, shiny, silver.
  2. When finished, let your child try to guess what it is (a spoon).
  3. Show the object to your child. Ask her to say one word that describes it. Write this word on the fourth circle of the Willy Worm Word Wall.
  4. Next give your child a turn to choose an object from the box and describe it. When she is finished, try to guess what it is. After she shows you the object, choose one word that describes it to write on the next blank circle of the Willy Worm Word Wall.

WriteShop Primary Book CContinue to add more describing words to the Willy Worm Word Wall as a handy reference for your child to use. You can add more circles and make it longer, or just write more than one word on each circle.

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