WriteShop Junior Book F | Value Pack

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This Value Pack includes all four components of WriteShop Junior Book F:

Teacher’s Guide
Activity Pack w/Fold-N-Go Grammar
Time-Saver Pack
Junior Writer’s Notebook 2 (digital only)


WriteShop Junior is a creative writing program that appeals to many learning styles. As with all WriteShop products, Book F helps you guide students through the steps of the writing process. To keep the experience fun, each lesson includes games and activities that teach and review important writing and self-editing skills.


1. Teacher's Guide

Clear, step-by-step teaching instructions, schedule options and daily lesson plans, options for both advanced and struggling learners

2. Activity Pack

Component 1: Student Worksheet Pack includes:

•  Pre-writing Activities
•  Skill Builders
•  Journal Prompt Pages
•  Brainstorming Worksheets
•  Reading Log Forms
•  Self-editing Checklists
•  Evaluation Charts

Component 2: Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack Level 3 includes:

•  10 Fold-N-Go Grammar and Writing Guides (print version is printed on colored paper)
•  20 Fold-N-Go Bookmarks for quick review
•  Assembly Instructions & Answer Keys

Simple rules, engaging examples, and practice exercises make learning or reviewing grammar fun!

3. Time-Saver Pack

Cut your advance prep time! Instead of making your own game cards, spinners, and other tools to teach creative writing, you’ll appreciate the Time-Saver Pack’s sturdy, ready-made props for many Book F activities.

4. Junior Writer's Notebook: Fun with Genre (digital only)

A Writer’s Notebook helps young writers develop stronger, more interesting stories and reports. Printable Junior Writer’s Notebook pages help improve skills while making writing a whole lot more fun! 

  • 15 printable worksheets to help children plan and write
  • Pages can be printed as often as needed for your entire family
  • Worksheets guide students to write in different genres, develop stories more fully, or prepare interesting reports

The Junior Writer's Notebook is available only as a digital PDF download.

Placement Help

  • Book F is ideal for students in 5th and 6th grade.
  • This level may also be used with reluctant 7th graders who have had little or no formal writing instruction.
  • Parents also appreciate being able to use the program with struggling learners.
  • If your 5th grader has had little to no past writing experience, we suggest beginning with Book E, especially if they still need a lot of help planning, organizing, and adding details to a story.

For more information, see:
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If Purchasing the Print Version*

The consumable Activity Pack may be reproduced for your immediate family. Student Worksheet pages are printed on white paper and will reproduce clearly. The Fold-N-Go Grammar section, which is printed on colored paper, may not photocopy well.

  • Option 1: If photocopying is not an option, buy an extra Book F Activity Pack for each additional student.
  • Option 2: If you plan to photocopy the white Student Worksheet pages from the Activity Pack but give each child their own Fold-N-Go, buy an extra Level 3 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack for each additional child.
  • Option 3: Order the digital (PDF) version of the Book F Activity Pack so you can print as many student pages as you need.

If Purchasing the E-book (Digital) Version**

The digital Value Pack is available as a PDF download. It contains everything you will need for teaching Book F, whether you plan to use the program with just one child or with several. Feel free to download and print as many copies from the E-books as you need for your immediate family’s use only.

**Digital Version is available for immediate download.

Product Details


Nancy I. Sanders

Grade Level

5th or 6th grade; may also be used with reluctant 7th (or even 8th) graders


Print or digital bundle

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Junior Writer's Notebook is available in E-book (digital PDF) format only