Make a Valentine mailbox

Make a valentine mailbox

During this season of hearts and chocolates, here’s a fun way to spread some Valentine cheer among your kids—while encouraging a bit of writing along the way!

Make a Valentine Mailbox!

These cute mailboxes belong to four of my grandkids. My daughter Karah found plain mailbox-shaped tins in the dollar bin at Target, which the children decorated with stickers and paint pens.

Unfortunately, by the time Karah decided Mom and Dad needed mailboxes too, Target had run out. So instead, they decorated Chinese take-out containers, available at most party supply stores—and a great alternative to the tins! (Or use a small shoe box or coffee can.)

Share the Love

The six mailboxes sit on a small table, along with a stack of paper squares and a few pencils. From February 1st through Valentine’s Day, everyone has fun writing little notes to each other and hiding them in the mailboxes.

The tins shown above have an especially fun feature: you can raise the flag to announce that there’s mail waiting inside!

Get Creative

Everyone can get into the act. And the fun doesn’t have to stop at plain white notes! Try some of these ideas:

  • Set out a supply of inexpensive Valentine cards—either store-bought ones or printable cards like these, these, and these.
  • In addition to plain white, you can cut squares from pink and lavender paper too.
  • Add stickers to some of the notes.
  • Include colored pens, crayons, or fine-tip markers in the pencil cup.
  • Invite grandparents or others to write notes too (I sneaked some in during a short visit today).
  • From time to time, hide a treat in the mailbox: fruit snacks, a chocolate heart, a quarter, or a trinket such as a Valentine pencil.

More Resources & Links

Will you make Valentine mailboxes? If not, what special things do you do to encourage sibling love at Valentine’s Day?

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