Travel writing prompts

Travel writing prompts for kids

Whether your kids prefer long road trips or weekend sleepovers, these travel writing prompts will fuel their excitement for more excursions. Three cheers for summer vacation!

1. Game On!

Think of a game you could play with your siblings in an airplane or in your family car. List the rules for this competition.

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2. Pieces of Home

Many people–even adults–pack a favorite pillow or stuffed animal for any overnight trip away from home. Using your best adjectives, describe the special item that travels everywhere with you.

3. Room with a View

Would you rather spend your vacation in a tent, a motorhome, or a hotel? Explain your answer.

4. Say What?

Recall a time when you tried to interact with someone from another country. How would the scene have changed if you could understand and speak their language?

5. Remember When…

The perfect souvenir can remind us of a wonderful vacation for years to come. Use your five senses to describe the best souvenir you ever bought or received.

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Travel writing prompts for kids

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