Terrific Tales: Thrilling Word Bank Story Prompts (Printable)


What do a café in Paris, the Amazon jungle, an undersea laboratory, and a black hole in outer space have in common? They’re among the 33 exciting settings that will launch kids into a world of imaginative story writing!

These word bank story prompts may be just what you need to encourage more creative writing. With engaging elements such as exotic settings, surprise plot twists, and fun story details, each unique printable writing prompt page will motivate even the most reluctant writer!

PDF download format
for grades 2 and up

This pack of 33 Thrilling Word Bank Story Prompts will definitely inspire your elementary and middle-school homeschool students. Each colorful page has a unique word bank that features 10 themed story components.

Get ready for imaginations to soar!

Terrific Tales gives children opportunities to

  • Use their imaginations to create fictional stories
  • Plan a story’s elements based on a set of 10 thematic story prompts
  • Express themselves both verbally and in writing
  • Practice writing stories that have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Incorporate character qualities and emotions into their stories
  • Describe a story’s setting

Even when your children’s stories begin with the same 10 elements, no two turn out alike! Whether the setting is a café in Paris, the Amazon jungle, an undersea laboratory, or a black hole in outer space, any story can spill over with humor, adventure, mystery, or fantasy. By deciding what role each element plays, each child determines the direction his or her narrative will take.

Word Bank Story Topics

Kids will love creating stories around exciting themes like these:

  • A Unicorn Tale
  • Secret in the Attic
  • Treasure Trouble
  • Steampunk Alley
  • Peril in Paris
  • Keep Out!
  • The Great Museum Mystery
  • The Day Everything Went Wrong
  • ... plus 25 more!

What's Included?

Print out Word Bank Story Prompts in your choice of two formats, each containing the same 33 word banks:

  • 33 printable lined pages: Younger children will most likely prefer these colorfully decorated lined pages.
  • 33 printable card sets: Tweens and teens will love many of the topics! If they think the illustrated pages seem too young, they’ll appreciate having the prompts written on simple cards.

Also included:

  • Blank pages and cards for creating personalized word banks
  • Printable lined pages for writing stories
  • Graphic organizers to help with story planning
  • Printing instructions
  • Loads of ideas for using the word banks

The word banks are simply a vehicle for inventive story planning in your homeschool. Encourage your kids to get creative! Add Terrific Tales: Thrilling Word Bank Story Prompts to your writing center, use them for daily warm-ups, or assign them as a supplement to your writing lessons.

Students of various ages may use these writing prompts. Word Bank Story Prompts come as a digital file that you print yourself. Upon purchase, you will receive an immediate download link to the PDF file.

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