Technology writing prompts for teens

by | Apr 5, 2017 | High school, Writing & Journal Prompts

These technology writing prompts about gadgets, devices, and robots will help middle and high school students think about how technology impacts our lives.

Love it or hate it, modern technology is here to stay.  This set of technology writing prompts for teens will help your middle and high school students think about ways technology impacts our lives. What if they had to do without a favorite device or gadget? What if they owned a personal robot? What about wearable technology? Invite your teens to choose from these prompts and explore the possibilities!

1. Computer Crazy

Think about one form of technology you can’t imagine living without. Is it television? Minecraft? Your smartphone or iPad? Write an essay explaining why you’re so crazy about this technology, and tell what you would do in its place if it were taken away for a week.

2. Past Meets Future

Imagine that a time machine has transported you back to an earlier civilization or historical era. Poking through your backpack, you discover some rope, a pocket knife, a roll of duct tape, and three modern technological devices. Where are you? What is the time period? What tech devices are in your backpack? Write a diary or journal entry about how you survive for 24 hours with the help of the items you have on hand.

3. Team Robot

Your uncle has given you an Anti-Lazy (“AL”) Robot for your birthday. Forget sitting on the couch while you order your robot around: AL only works when you do! If you take a break, the robot shuts down. When you start working again, it powers back up.

AL can help you with just about anything, but it cannot do things for you. For example, it can’t do all the dishes, but it can help you dry or put them away. It won’t do your homework, but it can help you figure out a hard math problem. Think of three chores or projects you and your robot could team up on. Describe how you will work together and what each of you will do to accomplish those three tasks.

4. Techwear

Wearable technology, once the stuff of old spy movies, is rapidly moving into the 21st century. Today, consumers can buy wristbands that count steps and track sleep, athletic shoes that monitor fitness, watches that double as phones, and smart glasses that function as a computer or GPS. Imagine that you have invented an exciting new item of wearable technology. Write a persuasive essay in which you describe this item, explain what it does, and convince readers to buy it.

Be sure to check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays! Once a month, we feature a set of prompts especially for teens.

Technology writing prompts about gadgets, devices, and robots help teens think about technology's impact on our lives.


  1. Gracie Bozeman

    Google is really important to me because you can look things up if you don’t know what they are. Also if you don’t know how to do something on your schoolwork then you can just simply look it up.

  2. Jasmine Turnage

    I can’t live without google. Google gives me ideas on how I do certain tasks, like improving my schoolwork. But if I had to give it up, I would rather read a book.

    • Kim Kautzer

      I’d rather read a book too!

  3. Jakerra Smith

    I can’t live without my television. My TV is what i go to to watch Netflix. If it was taken away for one week, I would go take walks or practice basketball to replace it.

    • Kim Kautzer

      TV can feel important, but I’m glad you could think about some great alternative activities … just in case!

    • Lakaya Gordon

      Same I love to watch YouTube and Netflix on my TV but if I had to give it up I would play soccer or play with my dogs.

      • Kim Kautzer

        Both of those are awesome choices, Lakaya!


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