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Stumbling block #9 – What’s the point?

Stumbling block #9 – What’s the point?

Sometimes, your teen's opposition to writing has nothing at all to do with laziness, procrastination, perfectionism, or confidence---and everything to do with relevance. In other words, she resists writing because she wonders: What's the point? This brings us to...

Writing tip: Process vs. product

  How many times should a student rewrite a composition? Depends on who you ask. If you ask the student, she'll emphatically reply, "Once!" Not only that, she wants you to love that paper, slap a gold star on it, and pronounce it stellar. Should you suggest a...

Inch by inch…it’s a cinch!

When I was little, I loved Benjamin Elkin’s story of The Big Jump, in which a young boy finds a stray dog he hopes to keep. The boy and the pup become fast friends, but unfortunately, in this land only kings are allowed to own dogs. The king, who can spring from the...

6 simple truths about writing with kids

6 simple truths about writing with kids

1. Kids only want to write a paper once. But getting it right the first time is pie-in-the-sky. Perfectionism sets your child up for failure. 2. The writing process is a lot like scrapbooking. Analogies are great teaching tools! Let's say you have a dozen photos to...

Put some fun into editing!

I know a cat that blogs. Really. His name is Humphrey, and he belongs to our dear friend, Nancy Sanders. Nancy, who also happens to be the author of our new WriteShop Primary series, invited Humphrey to be a guest writer on her blog yesterday, where he offers his own...

A writer’s alphabet | Writing habits and goals

A writer’s alphabet | Writing habits and goals

  A WRITER'S ALPHABET I will…   Accept feedback and suggestions   Brainstorm to get my ideas on paper   Create word pictures   Develop my narrative voices   Edit my writing   Find synonyms   Give my writing the time it deserves   Hone in on details   Imagine the...

It’s National Procrastination Week!

I'm sorry. I've been procrastinating. I have put off telling you that March 3-9 marks National Procrastination Week 2008, and with only two days left, you almost missed it. I thought about waiting till next week to tell you about it, but... [Wait, you say. Isn't this...



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