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Choosing an elementary writing program

Choosing an Elementary Writing Program For many homeschoolers, summer is the time of year to scour websites and homeschooling catalogs in search of just the right curriculum products for your children's varying needs. So many subjects, so many choices! What to pick...

We’ve got (more) mail!

We’ve got (more) mail!

It's always so encouraging to open up my inbox each day and find a glowing review or happy testimonial from a homeschooling mom who's been using WriteShop with her children. It's been nearly ten years since we first published WriteShop I and II, and believe me, I...

Introducing WriteShop Primary Book C

At long last, we're excited to announce the release of the final book of our WriteShop Primary series. Yes---WriteShop Primary Book C has arrived! About WriteShop Primary WriteShop Primary introduces young children to the steps of the writing process using engaging...

Brainstorming with 5- to 8-year-olds

Brainstorming with 5- to 8-year-olds

Brainstorming with young children is often a shared experience, guided by mom or teacher. It helps kids plan and organize before beginning to write.

Writing with young children

Writing with young children

It’s never too early to introduce young children to the joy of writing. There’s so much you can do to model and encourage pre-writing skills!

FREE gift with WriteShop Primary pre-order

Through July 20, we're including a WriteShop Primary Activity Set Worksheet Pack ($4.95 value) for FREE to everyone who pre-orders WriteShop Primary Book A! There's one 2-sided worksheet for every lesson in Book A, along with evaluation charts to help you track your...

A real proof copy. Really!

I'm beginning to think someone has let a gremlin loose between the pages of WriteShop Primary. Maybe that cute little tiger has secretly gone undercover to wreak havoc moving bullet points and misspelling words. In the last week alone, David has sent me four---yes,...

Update: WriteShop Primary Book A

Interest in WriteShop Primary continues to mount! At last weekend's FPEA conference in Orlando, nearly 100 people signed up to receive e-mail notification of WriteShop Primary's release dates! We're excited to bring out a product that will meet many of your needs for...

WriteShop Primary Book C – take a peek!

WriteShop Primary Book C – take a peek!

Just thought you might like to take a peek at our WriteShop Primary Book C cover. Isn't it just adorable? Makes me want to pinch that chubby, huggable little panther! And if you love the cover, you'll be even more in love with the contents.  Here is the scope and...

We’ve got mail!

I've been storing a mountain of emails in one of my Outlook folders---comments and testimonials from happy WriteShop users. Our brochures and website only have so much room for snippets like these, so I thought I'd give a voice to these dear moms and co-op...

Timed-release curriculum?

You've heard of timed-release cold capsules, motion-sickness patches, and fertilizers. But timed-release curriculum? In a sense, that's what these past couple of months have been about---a slow-release introduction to our up-and-coming WriteShop Primary series for...



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