stumbling block

Stumbling block #7 – Procrastination

In our series on 10 Stumbling Blocks to Writing, last week we looked at the problem of laziness. But laziness has a close cousin in the obstacle we'll explore today: procrastination. Stumbling Block #7 Problem: The procrastinator waits till the last minute to write...

Stumbling block #4 – Limited writing vocabulary

Stumbling block #4 – Limited writing vocabulary

For the past several weeks, we've been looking at writing issues that plague students and their parents. Writing isn't a one-size-fits-all subject, but certainly there are overarching principles that apply to many students and situations. In this series, 10 Stumbling...

Stumbling block #3 – Lack of motivation

  Last week we talked about skills and tools a student can use to make his writing more interesting. As we continue this series on 10 Stumbling Blocks to Writing, today's focus turns to a very common writing issue. Stumbling Block #3 Problem: No motivation to write...

Stumbling block #2 – Weak writing skills and tools

Welcome back to our series on 10 Stumbling Blocks to Writing! Last week we looked at Stumbling Block #1 and ways to increase your student's confidence. What's today's hurdle? Stumbling Block #2 Problem: Kids don't have the writing skills and tools they need to make...



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