From the mouths of babes: Pre-literacy writing

From the mouths of babes: Pre-literacy writing

Alexis Bonari is joining me today as a guest blogger here at In Our Write Minds. I know you'll enjoy trying this activity with your pre-writers. On the path to inspiring our children to love reading and writing, we often overlook the fact that there was a time when...

A recipe for writing fun

A Quick Word about Copywork I'd like to suggest a new way to incorporate copywork into your schooling. In a future blog article, I'll take time to extol the virtues of copywork, which I think is valuable for pre-writers to 14-year-olds (or thereabouts). But in a...

An interview with Nancy I. Sanders

An interview with Nancy I. Sanders

Nancy I. Sanders is a prolific writer who, we’re thrilled to announce, has developed a fabulous primary-level writing curriculum for us. Hurrah! We’re on pins and needles as we enter the final stretch of last-minute editing, page layout, and cover design in...



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