6 ways to strengthen your writing

6 ways to strengthen your writing

Looking for ways to strengthen your writing? Try these tips for brainstorming and revising, improving word choice, and constructing better sentences.

Avoiding common usage errors in the English language

Alexis Bonari is joining me today as a guest blogger here at In Our Write Minds. Today, Alexis shares some helpful tips on commonly confused---and misused---words. It’s difficult for any teacher to contradict the overwhelming number of usage errors in everyday...

Teaching writing conventions

Teaching writing conventions

Teach kids writing conventions, such as grammar and spelling, to help their writing become more readable.

Adjectives in a series: Commas or no commas?

Sometimes we get grammar questions in the WriteShop mailbag. Q: How is it determined when commas are needed or not needed between adjectives in a series? In WriteShop's Copying and Dictation Exercises, Lesson 5, there's a phrase I'm confused about. “Bright, fresh...



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