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How to love your kids’ writing

How to love your kids’ writing

Great tips for how to love your kids’ writing, especially when you’d rather wad it into a ball and toss it across the room.

Stumbling block #8 – Parental criticism

When it comes to chores, character training, and schoolwork, you can’t always be the nice guy, the friend. Nope. You’ve got to be the parent, which means it falls to you to judge and evaluate your kids’ work. But if you don't evaluate with wisdom and purpose, you can...

Writing tip: Wise feedback makes a difference

Correct and grade wisely. An arbitrary grade based on feelings (”This feels like a B-”) won’t help your student become a better writer. Tip 4: Offer helpful and consistent feedback. Use objective checklists to help you pinpoint specific areas to improve. Value your...

On Legos and writing

On Legos and writing

Recently, when a missionary friend was visiting from Japan, I offered to keep his son for a day to free him up for some appointments. Since Rees was alone, I invited my grandson Eli over as a playmate, hauled out a huge crate of Legos, and set the boys loose. I could...



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