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Summer vacation writing prompts for homeschool kids

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Summer vacation writing prompts that help homeschool kids imagine adventures digging up dinosaur bones, heading to sports camp, or planning a staycation!

Is summer just revving up … or is it screeching to a close? No matter how much (or little) time remains before you jump back into homeschooling, these imaginative summer vacation writing prompts will inspire creative writing!

Whether they’re floating in a houseboat or roaming the local nature center, real or imaginary summertime outings can be packed with adventure! Kids will love to picture themselves zooming down a roller coaster, working as a cruise director, digging up dinosaur bones, or heading off to sports camp. Each of these summer vacation writing prompts are so much fun, they may want to choose all of them!

1. My Kind of School

As a homeschooling opportunity, your family has decided to take a “learning vacation” this summer. Options include participating in a dinosaur dig in Utah, exploring ancient ruins in Rome or Greece, or snorkeling at a coral reef off the Australian coast. Which one would you vote for? Write about three things you would like to explore, discover, or learn about on this vacation.

2. House Float

Imagine your family will live on a houseboat for a week this summer. Write about four things you will do on this vacation.

3. Good Sports

Are you crazy about baseball? Is volleyball your game? Maybe you love sailing, soccer, or gymnastics. Imagine your surprise when your parents tell you they’re sending you to sports camp this summer! What kind of sports camp will you attend? Write a paragraph describing three skills you want to learn or improve while you’re away. Make sure to explain why each one is important.

4. Staycation

Instead of traveling this summer, what if your family decided to vacation at home? Talk with your mom or dad about fun places within 100 miles that you have never been to before, such as botanical gardens or nature centers; zoos; museums; historical landmarks; parks or recreational sites; sports centers; amusement parks; or community theater.

Now pretend you have visited one of these places during your “staycation.” Write a journal entry describing your day. Use your five senses to tell about what you saw, heard, and felt. Don’t forget to describe some snacks or meals, too!

5. Homeschool Cruisin’

A cruise ship has hired you to be their Children’s Activities Director for their “Homeschool Families Afloat” summer cruise. Make a list of 10 or more crafts, games, activities, and special events you will plan for this summer’s cruising families.

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