Summer fun: Online grammar and word games!

As the weather warms up, sometimes you just have to keep everyone inside to stay cool. While babies are napping, why not let older children play a few online games to stretch their vocabulary, practice alphabet and grammar skills, or improve their typing speed?

Check out these three websites to find a wide variety of games to productively occupy your kids.

Sheppard Software Online Games

Sheppard Software features several free educational grammar games to play online.

Kids play the Grammar Tutorial before they snatch worms with Noun Explorer, whack robots with Verbs in Space, and zap flies in the Adjective Adventure game. Crisp graphics and just a bit of challenge make it fun to practice parts of speech!

You won’t need to brave any commercials at Instead, you’ll find an assortment of colorful games arranged by grade level from K-5.

Younger children can practice with alphabet and word games such as ABC Order and Sight Word Bingo (a favorite of my granddaughters).

Older elementary kids will have fun with Alpha Munchies (a typing game) and  Ice Cream Talk, which requires them to identify nouns or verbs in a sentence before playing a bonus round to collect scoops of ice cream.

I’m sure your children will find a game or two to suit their interests. (That is, as long as you can tear yourself away from your own favorites long enough to give them a turn!)

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Your Turn!

Have you found some online language arts games you especially like? What are your favorites?

Photo Credit: Amy Fleeker. Used by permission.

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