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Little Pilgrim's Progress Adventure Guide - Moody Press

I started reading the book Little Pilgrim’s Progress when I was a lot younger. In fact, you could say it was far back enough that my parents had to read it to me! Honestly, it was one of my favorite books of all time. For a reason unknown, eventually the paperback volume was left on a shelf, unfinished. It wasn’t until many years later that I finally picked it out, dusted it off, and started again from scratch.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress is a beautifully written book, and although the theme could steer some away, it has everything you’d want in today’s fiction or fantasy. Being one of the most compelling and imaginative books I’ve read, the pages are full of morals and fantastic hidden meanings. It’s filled with unreal scenarios and wonderful characters, although the main aspect of Christianity is just so perfectly placed. It’s easily one of the novels that you can get completely lost in.

But that’s enough about the feel; it’s time to get straight to the book itself!

Little Pilgrim's Progress Adventure Guide

The book centers on a young boy named little Christian, living in the faraway town of Destruction. He has lived there all his life, never leaving, never drifting away. He has always heard the loveliest stories about the world outside Destruction, how there are beautiful kingdoms ruled by a King who loves the children of the world.

After hearing enough stories, little Christian embarks on his own journey, seeking the promised land of the Celestial City. His quest brings him down many paths, both pleasant or treacherous, and he meets many people—friends and enemies alike.

Sixty years after John Bunyan’s classic was first published comes the new Anniversary Edition from Moody Press. It is complete with lovely illustrations, along with a redefined Adventure Guide by Deanna Conrad.

Combined with the book, this extra booklet can really help the younger audience understand Little Pilgrim’s Progress, pointing out unseen implications and simply adding some fun to the process. Nonetheless, whether young or old, pilgrims of all sizes are sure to enjoy Helen Taylor’s novel from cover to cover.

~Jessica Stilwell

From a Mom’s Point of View

I just love the Little Pilgrim’s Progress Adventure Guide that accompanies the book! The Guide is divided into six “sessions,” each containing:

  • Vocabulary list to complete
  • In-depth questions about the story
  • Short chart to fill in allegorical concepts
  • Questions about the setting
  • Biblical application
  • Character chart with character matching (matching a description to a character)

This little Guide is so packed with information, it could easily be used as a language arts program over six weeks. For the younger child,  a lot of parent interaction will be needed as some of the terminology will probably be over their heads. I do think most older elementary students, as well as middle schoolers, would enjoy the process of going through the book and Guide on their own.

Little Pilgrim’s Progress would be a wonderful book club pick for children! For a church group, it would make a great small group or Bible study.

~Kelly Stilwell

Jessica Stilwell is a 13-year-old who loves art and gaming. She attends a virtual school for most of her classes. Her favorite class is media/animation. Jessica plans to be a video game designer.

Kelly Stilwell (Jessica’s mom) is a stay-at-home mom of teens blogging about family life in the fast lane at Virtually Yours. Kelly writes about food, travel, education, and hosts a lot of giveaways! You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter too.


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