Recipe for writing a paragraph

Recipe for Writing a Paragraph - Help kids prepare, combine, season, garnish, and sweeten their writing | @WriteShop

Here’s a fun recipe for writing a paragraph! Directions will guide your students to create tasty compositions by preparing a topic, combining ideas, garnishing with interesting words, and adjusting flavors.

Recipe for Writing a Paragraph


1 Topic sentence
1 Main idea
Handful of supporting details
5-7 Sentences
2-4 Sentence variations
Active verbs
Strong nouns
Pinch of adjectives and adverbs
1 Closing sentence


  1. Prepare a topic sentence that introduces the main idea.
  2. In a medium-size paragraph, combine main idea and supporting details into 5-7 sentences.
  3. As flavors begin to develop, drain off excess “to be” verbs such as is, am, are, was, and were.
  4. Stir in a generous helping of active verbs and strong nouns. Replace several subject-verb sentence starters with more interesting sentence variations.
  5. Arrange sentences neatly on a bed of lined paper, moving sentences and words around to achieve the desired effect.
  6. Garnish the composition with just enough adjectives and adverbs to add flavor and color.
  7. Wrap up the paragraph with a satisfying closing sentence.
  8. Misspellings and incorrect punctuation will add bitterness, so sweeten the paragraph by making necessary adjustments.
  9. Sample the composition. If it’s too thick, remove excess words or phrases. Substitute spicier words for repeated or flavorless ones. If the paragraph lacks seasoning, pepper it with a few more vivid words to taste.
  10. Serve it to several hungry readers and adjust the arrangement or ingredients as per their suggestions.


  • Posted February 25, 2019


    timely read, my lad is working on increasing his skills and this is something I can easily print off for him.

    • Posted February 25, 2019

      Kim Kautzer

      Analogies like this can really help kids “get it”! I hope your son gains a couple of effective tips. 🙂

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