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[DISCONTINUED]  CONDITION: Open book that has been re-shrinkwrapped. May have a slightly crushed corner or shelfworn edges.

4th edition has some FAITH-BASED CONTENT. See the 5th edition for a faith-neutral workbook.

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WriteShop I (4th ed.) [DISCONTINUED]

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Can I use the 4th ed. workbook with the new 5th ed. Teacher's Manual?

4th ed. WriteShop I Student Workbook WILL work with the 5th ed. Teacher's Manual. The differences shouldn't interfere with your ability to teach the lessons. In particular, answer keys for Skill Builders and Pre-Writing Activities may not exactly match (though differences are minor).

About WriteShop I

WriteShop I offers incremental lessons, challenging assignments, and creative activities for teens. Students improve descriptive, informative, and narrative writing skills by becoming proficient in brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising. Not only do they learn to narrow their topics and choose vivid, descriptive wording, they learn to add interest to their writing by varying their sentence structure.

Included in the 4th edition:

  • 16 lessons (one school year)
  • Step-by-step instructions written to the student
  • Creative and varied writing assignments 
  • Skill Builders to teach new concepts
  • Lesson-specific student and teacher checklists for each lesson
  • Composition evaluation rubrics for each lesson
  • 17 word banks

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Though ideal for most 6th-10th graders, WriteShop I works successfully with older high schoolers who need to learn these skills. The program's incremental nature also makes it an excellent option for teens with learning challenges.

In most cases, it is recommended that students complete WriteShop I before beginning WriteShop II.

The Synonym Finder - recommended thesaurusA good thesaurus is essential for WriteShop students. The Synonym Finder [affiliate link] is our favorite thesaurus, and we highly recommend it for use with the WriteShop program.

Photocopying Policy

Purchase one WriteShop I workbook per student. Alternatively, you have permission to duplicate certain pages according to these policies:

  • Permission is granted to reproduce worksheet pages and rubrics for single-family use only.
  • You do not have permission to reproduce read-only pages (pages that are not intended to be written on).
  • Co-ops and schools may NOT make copies. Contact WriteShop regarding educational discounts and site-licensing information.
  • Permission is granted to reproduce worksheet pages and rubrics for single-family use only.
  • You do not have permission to reproduce read-only pages (pages not intended to be written on).
  • To make copies of the entire student workbook (single-family use only), purchase the e-book (digital) version.
  • Co-ops and schools may NOT make copies. Please contact WriteShop regarding educational discounts and site-licensing information.

Product Details


Kim Kautzer and Debra Oldar




4th edition

Grade Level

6th-10th grade; may also be used with 11th graders w/little or no writing experience


Looseleaf pages; 3-hole punched, Paperback, Consumable workbook




Yes, you'll need both teacher and student components

Companion Products

Teacher's Manual for WriteShop I & II, Copying & Dictation Exercises

Religious content?

4th edition contains some Christian content.

What Parents Are Saying…

Thank you again for such a spectacular curriculum. My kids love it and I love the results!
Coleen, homeschooling parent

This program has taken the frustration out of teaching my son to write. He knows exactly what is expected of him and I know exactly how to correct his work. He enjoys writing now! 
Rhonda, homeschooling parent

First paragraph my son wrote was breathtaking! [He] does not like writing. At all. We’ve struggled all year long with it, and I’ve had no idea how to even grade it, and what his 7th grade expectations were. This program makes it all crystal clear. From the brainstorming exercises, to the actual end product, I am very pleased.
A. Rollins, homeschooling parent

Your curriculum is fabulous! We love it. Our son has really progressed tremendously.
Vanessa, Florida

My children are using your program this year … and I must tell you how impressed my husband and I have been with their progress! We were especially surprised at how our son’s vocabulary and writing skills have improved. The changes began to appear after the very first section! We have been searching for a writing program that was homeschool friendly, and after trying many different programs we have found yours to be the best.
Sue, California

Write Shop has been a wonderful program for us. I don’t think my dyslexic daughter would have ever learned to write without it!
Dena, Tennessee

Thank you, WriteShop, for giving my daughter the tools she needed for a successful college experience.
Patti, California

Quality in every lesson gives this program a push above so many others out there. I really appreciate the Skill Builders that teach what will be expected in the composition. It’s this ‘learn, practice, use’ approach that brings out the quality.
Nancy S., Michigan

We’ve been faithfully following all the steps with Write Shop and I have to say that I’m thrilled to see the method’s sticking.
Diane Allen, Diane Allen Homeschool Reviews

For the first time since I started homeschooling 8 years ago, [I’m] able to help my children learn to write efficiently, clearly, creatively, effectively … I think it’s the most parent and child friendly writing program out there! I wish I had been taught this way! I can’t rave enough about this program … My son’s first final draft paragraph was written beautifully. I was amazed at the talent my son seems to have found within due to this program!

My oldest loves words and flowery long sentences—so much so that she loses her meaning in the process. WriteShop helped her think about each word she used. It forced a disciplined structure.
Beth, Ohio

My eldest daughter is in college and while writing her first composition, she thanked me for providing her with Write Shop. She says that with your program she has learned to write with ease.
Deanne, California

Scope & Sequence

WriteShop I: Fundamentals of Writing

Lesson 1a   Introducing WriteShop  Concrete Writing/Using a Thesaurus

Lesson 1b   Describing an Object  Concrete Writing/The Writing Process

Lesson 2     Describing a Pet  Conciseness/Choosing Synonyms

Lesson 3     Describing a Person  Paired Adjectives/Editing

Lesson 4     Describing a Circus Performer  Concrete Writing/Topic Sentences

Lesson 5     Describing a Food  Sensory Description

Lesson 6     Describing a Season  Similes/Limiting Narration

Lesson 7     Describing a Place  Present Participles

Lesson 8     Explaining a Process  Informative Writing/Sequencing

Lesson 9     Writing a Factual Report  Informative Reports/Avoiding Plagiarism

Lesson 10   Writing a Concise Biography Conciseness/Appositives/Adverb Phrases

Lesson 11   Introducing Journalism  Writing a News Article

Lesson 12   Writing a Narrative of an Emotional Event  Narratives/Prepositions

Lesson 13   Writing a Narrative of Another Person’s Experience  Conducting an Interview

Lesson 14   First-Person Point of View  Point of View/Personification

Lesson 15    First-Person Point of View  Limited Omniscience/Tense

Lesson 16   Third-Person Point of View  Omniscience/Past Participles