How to Write a Book Report | Mini Lesson


Use this mini lesson to teach children to write interesting, descriptive book reports. Target age is 9-12, but activities may be adapted for both younger and older students.

This book report lesson is adapted from WriteShop Junior Book E


This mini lesson teaches kids how to write a book report that’s both solid and interesting. It’s a perfect lesson for most children ages 9-12, but you can easily adapt  it for slightly younger or older students. In addition, you’ll find a wealth of optional creative book report ideas you can use with students of all ages. Some are perfectly suited to very young children, and others are appropriate for students as old as high school.

Because this lesson is broken down into convenient segments, consider spreading activities out over an entire month. Here’s one suggestion:

Week 1  Part 1: Pre-writing Exercises

Week 2 Part 2: Brainstorming Exercises

Week 3 Part 3: Writing the Book Report

Week 4 Choose an activity from “More Book Report Ideas”

Please Note

This book report lesson is adapted from WriteShop Junior Book E. If you own or plan to purchase Book E, you will find a similar lesson activity already included.

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Kim Kautzer

Grade Level

Ages 9-12, but adaptable for younger and older students


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