WriteShop I or II Video Companion Course, 4th ed. (Video ONLY)


If you’re unsure about teaching WriteShop I or II on your own, or you have limited teaching time available, this supplemental Video Course may be the answer. Clear instructions, colorful graphics, and practical examples make each lesson interesting and motivating for your teen.

May be used with 4th or 5th edition student workbooks (sold separately). One-time purchase of each course permits use for your entire family.

To see a lesson, click the Video Lesson Sample tab below.

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Video Companion Course for Homeschoolers!

Even though WriteShop was created for parents who struggle to teach writing, sometimes we just need extra help.

Perhaps you...

  • Feel unequipped to teach middle- or high-school writing.
  • Can't afford a writing class or tutor.
  • Homeschool many children or otherwise feel pressed for time.
  • Care for an aging parent or special-needs child. 

Play With Education* provides quality e-learning solutions for families using WriteShop. If you're unsure about teaching writing on your own, or you don't have time to add one more thing to your schedule, Play With Education's online Video Companion Course may be the answer.

About the Video Course

This is an online (not DVD) Companion Course for WriteShop I and II. Designed for homeschooling parents who need extra help teaching WriteShop, the video course walks teens through each WriteShop lesson and activity.

Lessons are presented using practical examples and demonstrations. Using a blend of words, pictures, and friendly narrative, each 10- to 15-minute video breaks down WriteShop lessons into segments and gives in-depth explanations of the key points in a fun and easily understood way.

Video Course Features

  • The video course may be used for your entire family.
  • Course is not available on DVD. Internet access is required. 
  • Access the course through your personal, password-protected portal.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Lessons never expire.
  • Instructor is an experienced private tutor who has taught and edited papers for WriteShop students for over a decade.

To see a lesson, click the Video Lesson Sample tab above.

The Video Course provides STUDENTS with:

  • Composition examples for each lesson.
  • Step-by-step demonstrations of each step of the writing process.
  • Techniques to identify repeated words, passive verbs, and other common mistakes.
  • Instructions for using WriteShop’s sentence variations.
  • Self-editing guidance.

The Video Course provides PARENTS with:

  • Overview of the entire WriteShop program.
  • Scheduling flexibility.
  • "Edit Fearlessly" videos offering guidance and tips so you can confidently edit your student's papers.

Need More Help with Editing and Grading?

Play With Education also offers full-service instruction, editing, and grading. Learn more at their website. Click here and scroll down to view the pricing chart.

Video Course Requirements

The course supplements the required WriteShop student and teacher materials (sold separately). In addition to the Video Course and Internet access, you will need to purchase the following products:

How to Access the Video Lessons

*** Course is not available on DVD***

Within a few days of purchasing your Video Course, you will receive email instructions for logging in to the Student Portal. As long as you have an Internet connection, your student will be able to access the course any time.

*The Fine Print

WriteShop® is the registered trademark of WriteShop, Inc. PlayWith.Education is not affiliated with WriteShop, Inc. The PlayWith.Education website, videos, and other tutoring materials refer to various WriteShop copyrighted trademarks and registered marks owned by WriteShop, Inc. The trademarked names in PlayWith.Education's website and tutoring materials are used with permission of WriteShop. 

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Junior high and high school


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Companion Products

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, WriteShop I or II

I LOVE THESE! Let me say that again, I LOVE THESE! I think the videos are an incredibly beneficial addition to the WriteShop program. For the mom who does not or cannot sit and walk her child through each step, the Video Companion Course is key! I have found these to be an integral part of the equation for teaching writing! My daughter finds it so easy to sit down and watch these short lessons. They walk her through each of the worksheet activities, as well as any writing assignments.
Heidi Ciravola, Starts at Eight

The videos cover it so fully that I was able to hand the bulk of the teaching over to the videos. I didn’t have to add anything. Though I still watched the videos with my son initially. I also helped my son with his paper, but the beauty of the videos was that I didn’t have to teach the lesson. The videos do this for me!
Erin Vincent, Nourishing My Scholar

We would not be doing [WriteShop I or II] without the videos!! Not because it is difficult, but because teaching upper level writing is just not something I’m passionate about….[and] the videos empower him to succeed at the next level of writing…. I also think of it this way. It’s $100 and there are 16 lessons in WS 1. That’s $6.25 per lesson. You can’t go to a co-op for that, as the gas would cost more. So for a few bucks I can provide a writing curriculum rooted in higher level learning.
Kristen Townsend, homeschool mom

The video is a lifesaver for me—my husband is really sick so I am juggling many things…. Sometimes I watch the video with my son and then ask him follow up questions, and if I am busy working, he watches them by himself. I’ve enjoyed having someone else explain the concepts.  It has helped to keep writing happening because my son didn’t have to wait on me to prep the lesson. It worked well for him to have the visuals with the instructions.
Stacey Lane, homeschool mom

Your video instructions are always so clear, comprehensive, and easy to follow.
Karen B., homeschool mom

I’m using the videos with my 13 year old. Teaching writing is a weakness of mine, and the videos have helped give him some better instruction. I work part-time, so the video allows him to do writing without Mom having to be there. I watched the first video for teachers on grading and it was great.
Becky Canode, homeschool mom

[Our son] really enjoys your PowerPoint teaching method. We’re looking forward to WriteShop II.
Sally Z., homeschool mom

She is able to watch one of the 5 short videos for each lesson in the car while I’m driving, then do the written work during break. This has enabled her to get the lessons done during the dance week which has turned out much better papers. The best part is that she doesn’t need to wait for me to get her lessons done. 
Penny Rogers, Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland

Using the videos really adds to the curriculum. I have a 6-year-old to teach too, so it’s a time saver. My 13-year-old enjoys the independence and self learning. You could do without, but you would have to be much more hands-on to get the full benefit from the program. They are done well.
Kendra Kemp, homeschool mom

My daughter started [the video course] this year, and she loves it. I only have to help with the editing, grading & making sure she’s completing all her tasks.
Mandy Bingaman, homeschool mom

The girls feel like they’ve grown in their writing ability, particularly in their ability to describe…. They are writing more concisely as well. The lessons progress well from one subject to the next [and] the videos are easy to understand.
Elisabeth T., homeschool mom