Junior Writer’s Notebook 1: Fun w/Story Planning


A Writer’s Notebook helps young writers develop stronger, more interesting stories and reports. Whether or not your child is using WriteShop Junior, these printable Junior Writer’s Notebook pages will help improve skills while making writing a whole lot more fun!

This is a digital download. Purchase one (1) per family.

NOTE: This is not a physical (print) book. It comes as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that you print at home, making as many copies of the pages as your children need. You only need to purchase one Junior Writer's Notebook for your entire family's use. (If you purchase the Book E Value Pack, the Junior Writer's Notebook is included.)

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A Writer’s Notebook helps young writers develop stronger, more interesting stories and reports. This special notebook is often called a "seed bed" for ideas. Some of these “seeds” will sprout and grow to become stories. Others will remain ideas that your child might explore and develop at another time.

WriteShop’s Junior Writer’s Notebook pages not only help improve writing skills, they make writing even more fun!

Who Can Use This Product?

  • Perfect for ages 8-12
  • May be used alongside ANY writing program to enhance the writing experience
  • May be used as an OPTIONAL resource that specifically coordinates with lessons in WriteShop Junior Book E

What Is Included?

The Junior Writer’s Notebook 1 is a digital PDF file that you download to your computer. It contains 12 printable worksheets to help children plan and write. These worksheets, which can be used over and over, guide them to develop stories more fully, add important details, or prepare interesting reports.

  • Character Interview Worksheet: Develop character details
  • Staging the Setting: Develop scene and setting details
  • Planning the Plot: Plan the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Title Toolbox: Brainstorm for interesting titles
  • Writer’s Word Bank: Gather topic-related words to use in a story or report
  • Story Wraps: Think of interesting topic and closing sentences
  • Poetic Possibilities: Plan three kinds of poems
  • Getting Emotional: Give stories a stronger voice
  • Emotions Word Bank: Add emotion to any story
  • Describe It! Add descriptive detail to any story or report
  • Your Opinion Counts: Write your opinion about any book
  • Write a Report: Plan the topic, resources, and visual aids for any report

Copyright Permissions

  • Permission is granted to parents to print out unlimited pages for single-family use only.
  • Schools and co-ops may contact WriteShop regarding educational discounts and site-licensing information.

Product Details


Nancy I. Sanders



Grade Level

Ages 8-12


PDF (available for immediate download)


12 printable worksheets to use again and again


No, this is an optional component

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What Parents Are Saying…

This gem is the component my [daughter] liked the most.  Having her very own Writer’s Notebook, that was filled with her ideas and writing was a confidence booster for her.
Renita, Mom of Many

It is great to watch them pull out their Writer’s Notebooks on their own … My 10 year old daughter carries the Writer’s Notebook she made during this course around with her everywhere. WriteShop Jr. E has awakened a love of writing in her.
Hanlie, Michigan

LOVED the Character Interview worksheet. Having questions to answer was a BIG help in coming up with information for her story. It really started the thinking process.
Joanie, New Jersey

I really like the components of the Writer’s Notebook, mainly because the kids get to experience how fiction writers use these types of tools and worksheets to develop their own stories.
Shelly, Indiana

After the kids did their Story Wraps, it was easy to see that this was a great way to tie a story together.
Marisa, South Dakota

[I’m] finding the ‘Title Toolbox’ page very helpful. I copied and placed one in each lesson folder for upcoming lessons.
Julie, Florida

[Using the Character Interview worksheet], my daughter … interviewed King Tut who likes to come out of his pyramid and walk around with tourists, and he doesn’t like dust but likes ice cream, and tourists think he is an actor.
Jennifer, via email