How to Write Color Poetry with Sensory Images | Mini Lesson


Everyone has a favorite color! This Color Poetry lesson invites kids to write an image-rich poem about a single color that draws from the five senses. Print the pages to use again and again.


Everyone has a favorite color, whether it’s ocean blue, princess pink, or the rippling green of a grassy meadow.

This fun and easy mini lesson teaches kids how to write color poetry, inviting them to write a non-rhyming poem that’s filled with sensory imagery. They’ll use sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch to help them come up with rich, descriptive words and phrases. The result is a color poem that paints beautiful word pictures for the reader.


  • Teaching instructions
  • Color poem examples
  • Student brainstorming worksheet
  • Organizing worksheet that helps students arrange the elements of their poem

Students of all ages love this activity! Print the pages to use again and again.


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Kim Kautzer

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All ages


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