Paired adjective challenge: the winners and more!

In Thursday’s blog, I offered a challenge to readers to spot the paired adjectives in the museum plaque. Thanks to all who joined in the fun! The winners will receive a free World of People StoryBuilders eBook. But don’t despair! Even if you guessed incorrectly, we’re still sending you a fun consolation prize just for giving it a shot.  

Our winners!

Congrats to: Heidi, Susan P., Irene, Penny, Ann, Beth, Susan M., Laura, Donna, Jennifer, Amy, Rebecca, and Angela.

And the answer is…

. . . Secretive and successful

However, as some of you discovered, the plaque also contains a number of other adjectives, some of which even appear in “pairs” (such as large padded and forward-facing). So why don’t these count? Because paired adjectives is the term specifically given to a pair of related adjectives that must meet four criteria:

  • The adjectives begin the sentence;
  • The adjectives are separated by and, or, but, or yet;
  • The paired adjective phrase is followed by a comma; and
  • The subject closely follows the paired adjectives.

A few more examples

Country Home magazine (April 2004)

Practical but pretty, oilcloth is hip again. Formerly relegated to tablecloths and shelf liners, oilcloth now brightens up everything from eyeglass cases to cat collars… 

Holy Experience blog by Ann Voskamp 

Weary and worn from the all-day effort, I have my own questions: Is all this business of keeping Passover unnecessary burden? Have we knotted the holy day up in redundant encumbrances? Does this old covenant really have bearing on new covenant living? But, slipping my hand through my husband’s, my queries hush.

The One Year Bible, New Living Translation

Gabriel appeared to her and said, “Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you!Confused and disturbed, Mary tried to think what the angel could mean.  Luke 1:28, 29

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant (Picador, 1997 NY Times bestseller)

Unnoticed and unneeded, I sat outside the tent, watching Inna’s resolute face and Rachel’s flushed cheeks as they walked in and out.

Congratulations again to our winners. Watch your inbox for your gift!

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