A home for Goldie the goldfish | Free printable writing prompt

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Writing & Journal Prompts

It’s time for another monthly printable to make writing lessons easy in your homeschool! With this goldfish printable prompt, your children think of awful alternatives to the normal glass fishbowl and explain why they just won’t do.

Encourage your children to use their imagination to visualize the fictional scene before they start writing.

  • What does your fish look like?
  • What does a fish need to survive?
  • How much space does a goldfish need?

After this verbal brainstorming, give your children the free printable writing prompt.

Goldfish printable prompt for homeschool writing

You just won a goldfish at the fair, but you don’t own a proper fishbowl. Write about three of the worst containers you could possibly choose as homes for your new pet, and explain what would make them such poor choices.

A Home for a Goldfish • free printable writing prompt from WriteShop

Download your free A Home for Goldie printable writing prompt

If you would like to share this free printable with others, please link to this post. Do not link directly to the PDF file.

A home for a goldfish printable writing prompt • free from WriteShop

We would love to see photos of your child with his or her completed home for Goldie journal prompt. Take a photo and tag us @WriteShop on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so we can see.

Lots more writing prompts await! Check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays!


  1. Jennifer W

    love it as a creative explore outlet for my 3 foster kids 7, 8, and 9- especially as we will surely have snowy days with no school how fun to make this a writer day. Thank you!

    • Kim Kautzer

      A “writer day” is a great idea!

  2. Amy Milcic

    Oh this is such a cute activity! My boys loving naming pets-what a great idea for a writing prompt!

    • Kim Kautzer

      Thanks, Amy! Have you had a chance to give it a try? I hope the boys enjoyed thinking about different “that’s-a-bad-idea” goldfish homes. 🙂


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