Notable confusables

Last week we talked about some Notable Confusables, and you and your kids had fun with a bunch of online grammar quizzes. How’d you do?

Clearing Up Confusing Combos 

If your children had trouble with any of the concepts, they’ll enjoy the following engaging and interactive learning tools. They’ll view definitions, learn the rules, and practice the new skills with the click of the mouse. Give ’em a try!

. . . . .

The Blue Book of Grammar and PunctuationDo you or your kids need additional help tackling these Notable Confusables? The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation offers concise, helpful rules, examples, and practice exercises. It’s a combination reference book and workbook, super easy to use, and handy for home or office. Examples are short, simple, and practical. We know you’ll love it too! Want to read some reviews? Just click here.

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