Journal All Year! Teen Writing Prompt Calendar


This set of 240 essay prompts will inspire your teenagers to develop a daily writing habit through an entire calendar year. Each week features five categories of essay prompts—persuasive, creative, argumentative, expository, and reflective.

Print the prompts in your choice of three formats: calendars, cards, or strips.

For middle and high school students


One of the best ways to make sure you stick with a daily writing habit is to have plenty of engaging topics on hand. Teens thrive when they’re given boundaries with generous margins. Writing and essay prompts provide the perfect launching point, especially for students who complain, “I never know what to write about!”

The topics in these Essay Prompt Calendars provide the perfect amount of structure to stimulate middle school and high school students. Add the teen essay writing prompts to your writing center, use them for daily warm-ups and journaling, or assign them as a supplement to your writing lessons.

What Is Included in the Teen Essay Writing Prompt Collection?

This set of 240 teen essay writing prompts will carry you through an entire calendar year. It includes a wide variety of topics to inspire your older students.

The Writing Prompt Calendars are available as a digital file you print yourself. Upon purchase, you will receive an immediate download link to the PDF file, which may be printed in your choice of three formats (each containing the same prompts):

  • 12 undated monthly calendars for January through December
  • 240 writing prompt cards
  • 240 writing prompt strips

The calendar collection includes printing instructions and a number of ideas for using the essay prompts. There is no single way to use the calendars, cards, and strips; they are flexible, so you can tailor them to your needs!

Examples from the Teen Essay Writing Prompt Collection

Because each week features five categories of essay prompts---persuasive, creative, argumentative, expository, and reflective---your tween or teen won’t be stuck in a rut of just one type of writing. Topics provide the perfect amount of structure to stimulate your student while allowing for factual, imaginative, or personal writing.

Many of these topics are meaty enough for advanced high school students to develop into academic essays. Other prompts, designed for entertainment or reflection, can still make effective daily writing warm-ups.

  • persuasive — Write a paragraph or two in which you persuade a friend to break a habit that is harmful to their physical, emotional, or financial health. Back up your argument with logic, examples, and facts.
  • creative — Our lives can be compared to pieces of clay, which are slowly molded and shaped into finished works of art. Write about the feelings of a potter or sculptor as—slowly but surely—his clay becomes something useful and beautiful.
  • argumentative — Where do you stand on the issue of consuming animals? Using examples, write an essay explaining why you choose to eat—or not eat—meat.
  • expository — You have invited your best friend to join your family on a camping trip. Are you going to the beach or the mountains? Will you camp in a tent or a motorhome? Write a paragraph or two explaining how to pack for this trip.
  • reflective — Write about your first name: Does it suit you? What is its significance? Do you like it?

The Writing Prompt Calendars are not dated, so you can use them year after year whenever you need writing inspiration for your  middle schoolers and high schoolers. Start at any month, printing out only the pages you need.


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