How’s you’re grammar?

Okay, okay! Before you start giving me a hard time about this blog title, yes, I KNOW it should be “your.” And if you didn’t catch it, well, this blog’s for you!

Confused?Notable Confusables 

Today we’re going to tackle these Notable Confusables:

  • their, there, and they’re
  • your and you’re
  • its and it’s

Did you know that using these words incorrectly can make you appear uneducated?

In an earlier blog, I explained the difference between its and it’s. But today, let’s just have some fun taking a few short Internet quizzes to test your knowledge. They’re quick, painless, and provide immediate feedback!

Once you’ve taken these quizzes, give them to your children. The results will help you know where to focus your teaching efforts.

Take Some Grammar Quizzes!

They’re/their/their quiz

Its/It’s and There/Their/They’re Quiz

Its/It’s and There/Their/They’re Quiz 2

Quiz: Its & It’s

Its/It’s Quiz

Confusing Words – Your vs. You’re

You’re – Your Quiz

Their vs. There vs. They’re Quiz

So go have some fun today! Play around with these quizzes, make note of which words trip you (or your kids) up, and then commit to practicing till everyone feels confident. You can slay the Confusables Monster!

. . . . .

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