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Ulf, an unhappy Viking boy, stows away on Leif Erikson’s ship! Mischievous Hannie befriends the Jewish girl who is hiding in a secret room in her house! What kid wouldn’t love to write a story filled with such danger, adventure, or suspense?

Do your children like to learn about people in history? Then these digital Historical Fiction StoryBuilders are perfect for encouraging more creative writing in your homeschool. 240 printable writing prompt cards start them off with the basic elements of a story, making writing about history both fun and flexible. As your kids’ imaginations ignite, their stories will take wing!

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for grades 4 and up

These digital Historical Fiction StoryBuilders writing prompt card decks may be just what you're looking for to encourage more creative writing in your homeschool!

Each printable deck comes with a huge assortment of cards featuring the FIVE basic story elements in historical fiction: character, key historical figure, character trait, setting, and plot. Equipped with a strong story foundation, kids can set off on an exciting writing adventure with some clever surprises thrown in along the way.

Using the Historical Fiction StoryBuilders cards, they develop their tales by picking one card from each category.

  • Can the troublemaking Roman gladiator keep his secret?
  • Will the shy seamstress’s hidden message reach the queen in time?
  • Is a plot afoot to kidnap the son of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh?

With hundreds of possible story combinations, no two will be alike!

These StoryBuilders give children opportunities to

  • Learn the basics of how to write historical fiction
  • Use their imaginations to choose characters and create stories based on real historical eras and events
  • Express themselves both in writing and verbally
  • Weave character qualities and emotions into their stories
  • Describe a story’s setting

Break up your routine or add imaginative variety to writing lessons by occasionally offering StoryBuilders. Use them in addition to—or instead of—a daily homeschool writing lesson.

You can mix and match cards from other StoryBuilders card decks, such as the Adventure Builder. That's because almost every card is different! Expand character options, settings, and plot possibilities by adding to your StoryBuilders collection.

What's Included

  • 240 printable StoryBuilders cards
  • 32 fill-in-your-own blank cards
  • Each deck includes printing instructions and loads of ideas for using the writing prompts---including instructions and tips for how to write realistic historical fiction

Historical Fiction StoryBuilders features 48 characters such as an apprentice, nurse, and soldier. This set of StoryBuilders also includes 48 BONUS cards featuring historical figures. First, students draw a historical character card such as aviatormilitary leader, civil rights activist, or Pharaoh. Then they can write about the famous figure of their choice.

  • Perhaps they'll have adventures with Amelia Earhart or the Wright brothers.
  • Maybe they'll battle alongside Napoleon or Attila the Hun.
  • Will they fight for justice with Harriet Tubman or Rosa Parks?
  • Or serve as cup bearer to Queen Hatshepsut or King Tutankhamen?

This StoryBuilders set makes writing about history both fun and flexible. Your kids can take their stories in so many different directions!

These writing prompts may be used by homeschool students of various ages. Though they are designed for grades 4-9, younger children and older high schoolers can enjoy them too. StoryBuilders are available only as a digital file that you print yourself. Upon purchase, you'll receive an immediate download link to the PDF file.

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Kim Kautzer

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Grades 4-9, Junior high and high school


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What Parents Are Saying…

If I could give WriteShop StoryBuilders more than 5 gold stars I would, because what can I say — I LOVE any product that promotes creativity! For such a relatively simple product, it has encouraged more creativity and fun than just about anything I have reviewed!
Brenda, Quiet Pandemonium

I was completely blown away by what [my daughter] wrote yesterday… Thanks for helping make writing FUN!!!
Jolanthe, Homeschool Creations

They’ve been a HUGE help on days when they kids just can’t come up with an idea to write about.
Erica, Confessions of a Homeschooler

This is such a wonderful product! — I highly recommend this for those children struggling with finding something to write or talk about in their schooling.
Lynn, homeschooling parent

Takes the groaning and moaning out of reluctant little writers.
Denise, Chai Mommy

And then came my miracle. My [reluctant] writer started writing and couldn’t stop! He started writing page after page! And he began making plans for the sequel before he even finished the first. Needless to say, I *LOVE* StoryBuilders!
Kristin, homeschooling parent

A success! StoryBuilders came to my rescue one Monday morning as I prepared to teach creative writing to 3rd through 6th grade students at our home school co-op. Some of the results were hilarious! It has become one of the class’s favorite activities. I highly recommend it for your homeschool or classroom setting. You’re almost certain to be surprised by the results!
Stacy, Illinois

A simple idea, but it works—fun and versatile! — A big “thumbs up!” 
April, Kansas

Thank you … My daughter, who is 11, is dyslexic and she tends to write as little as she can get away with… I printed out the story cards today and let her loose and she has written three short stories so far — and it’s only 8:20 a.m.!
Eddie, homeschooling parent