Help! I Have a Reluctant Writer!


For many homeschoolers, writing is the most challenging, stress-inducing subject you teach. This ebook is chock-full of encouragement, tips, and strategies for teaching your reluctant writer.

Includes Chapters on Reluctant Teen Writers!

Writing is often the most challenging, stress-inducing subject you teach. This ebook is chock-full of encouragement, tips, and help for reluctant writers.

Teaching writing can seem complicated and stressful, this digital book will help you see that you can teach your reluctant, resistant writers, even when you don't feel equipped for the task. Each chapter is short and contains action items you can put into practice right away!

Chapters Include

Strategies and Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

My Struggling Writer
Teaching a Reluctant Writer
Are You Turning Your Child Off to Writing?
9 Ways to Reduce Writing Stress
Tips for Conquering the Blank Page
Writing for an Audience
Becoming Your Child’s Pen Pal

When a Teen Is Your Reluctant Writer 

Help Reluctant Writers Embrace the Process
Writing Truths for Reluctant Teens
When Writing Efforts Fizzle

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Kim Kautzer




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Today, I read the best e-book ever on teaching writing! “Help! I Have a Reluctant Writer” by Kim Kautzer.

As a child I hated to write. I’ve never really found good advice that would crush my fear of teaching this dreaded subject to my children, so I struggle. Then I read, ‘Want to sound the death knell for your child? Tell him to write about anything he wants!’ How TRUE!! [Kim] nailed it! It was true for me as a child, when my teacher rambled on to deaf ears. Oh, those middle school days were a nightmare. 

I studied [Kim’s] advice. It’s practical, and it makes sense. First, she eliminates YOUR fear by telling of her own reluctant writer – she moves you forward. She systematically gives steps that do not overwhelm you as the teacher. I’ve read books where the advice still doesn’t cover issues for someone who struggles. I need clear steps, examples and IDEAS … I learned my methods were the ones I hated when I was little. I was expecting independence too early and giving up too soon. I love that [Kim] encourages dictation and promptings from you as the teacher.

Theresa Powers, Curriculum Share