5 fun grammar resources that teach parts of speech

Looking for resources that reinforce or teach parts of speech? Check out this assortment of engaging activities and humorous picture books!

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Looking for resources that teach parts of speech in fun and engaging ways? Need some tools to supplement your grammar instruction? Check out this exciting variety of activities, workbooks, and picture books. Your kids’ giggles will thank you!

1. Fold-N-Go Grammar

WriteShop Fold-N-Go Grammar Level 2Grammar will soon become your children’s favorite subject when you introduce them to Fold-N-Gos from WriteShop.

With each Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack, kids will make 10 lapbook-style grammar and writing flipbooks. By the end of each level, your children will have their very own set of portable reference guides, along with matching bookmarks for quick review.

Each folder, or guide, has a single focus—punctuation, prepositions, or homophones, for example—and contains six colorful pages of simple rules and practice exercises. Mazes, word searches, and puzzles make learning or reviewing grammar fun.

Lapbook-style Fold-N-Go Grammar teaches or reviews upper-elementary grammar concepts in a fun way!

  • Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack 10 Fold-N-Gos that feature punctuation, grammar, different parts of speech, and self-editing. Ages 8-11
  • Level 2 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack 10 Fold-N-Gos that feature compound words, homophones, synonyms and antonyms, subjects and predicates, and different kinds of sentences. Ages 9-12
  • Level 3 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack 10 Fold-N-Gos that feature figures of speech, point of view, contractions, multiple-paragraph pointers, apostrophes, and commas. Ages 9-12

2. Words Are Categorical®

Hairy, Scary, Ordinary - Words Are CategoricalFor ages 7-9, Brian P. Cleary’s Words Are Categorical series is an outstanding resource to use when studying parts of speech. Many of these titles are available at your local library or can be ordered online.

These humorous, engaging books can increase your child’s ability and confidence in acquiring strong grammar skills—essential ingredients of successful writing. Some of the titles include:

3. Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love!

Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love by Nancy I. SandersYour child can explore hands-on manipulatives to reinforce grammar lessons. For ages 7-9, Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love! provides reproducible pull-throughs, wheels, and flip-ups that help master the parts of speech including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions.

Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love! is written by Nancy I. Sanders, author of the WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior series.

4. Mad Libs®

Remember playing Mad Libs as a kid? They’re just as entertaining today! To play, you prompt your children for words to substitute for blanks in a story. The results are hilarious!

You can happily call Mad Libs a grammar activity because each story reinforces parts of speech. Here’s the best part: because of the all the laughter, your kids won’t even suspect that they’re learning! If you’ve never given Mad Libs a try, they’re an inexpensive way to have some fun with words.

Mad Libs Junior (ages 5-8)

Mad Libs (ages 8-12)

5. Picture Books

Many Luscious Lollipops: A Book about AdjectivesPicture books are great resources that teach parts of speech and reinforce grammar and punctuation concepts. Here is just a handful of beautifully illustrated, captivating, and often hilarious books your family is sure to enjoy.


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