FREE! September Writing Prompts for Elementary


This set of 20 writing prompts will inspire your elementary and middle-school children throughout September! The collection includes a variety of engaging topics and prompts to encourage a habit of daily writing.

Print the prompts in your choice of three formats: calendars, cards, or strips.

Grades 3-8

By writing every day, children become more fluent writers as they grow increasingly comfortable writing for longer stretches of time. One of the best ways to make sure you stick with a daily writing habit is to have plenty of engaging topics on hand. Kids thrive when they’re given boundaries with generous margins. Writing prompts provide the perfect launching point, especially for children who complain, “I never know what to write about!”

The topics in these Writing Prompt Calendars provide the perfect amount of structure to stimulate children in grades 3-8, while allowing for plenty of imagination! Add the prompts to your writing center, use them for daily warm-ups and journaling, or assign them as a supplement to your writing lessons.

This set of 20 writing prompts will carry you through the entire month of September. It includes a wide variety of topics to inspire your 3rd through 8th graders.

The September Writing Prompt Calendar is available only as a digital file that you print yourself. After checkout, you will receive an immediate download link to the PDF file, which may be printed in your choice of three formats (each containing the same prompts):

  • 1 undated February calendar
  • 20 writing prompt cards
  • 20 writing prompt strips

There is no single way to use the calendar, cards, and strips; they are flexible, so you can tailor them to your needs!

For a full year of writing inspiration for your elementary students, tweens, and middle schoolers, choose the Journal All Year Elementary Writing Prompts Calendar. Start at any month, printing out only the pages you need.

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grades 3-8


Printables, PDF (available for immediate download)



I have my middle school kids respond to a prompt every single day, and these have been wonderfully received. Thanks!
Amy, middle school teacher

Thank you for these! My boys are loving them!
Brandy K., homeschooling mom

I love the calendar idea – perfect for us. Thank you!
Sharla, homeschooling mom