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Mini Lesson | Keeping a Gratitude Journal {with Printables}

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Keeping a Gratitude Journal: How to Write Thankful Thoughts for 30 Days

This mini lesson teaches kids how to keep a 30-day gratitude journal. It’s loaded with journaling ideas and tips to make the project focused and fun. In addition, you’ll find 13 colorful—and beautifully designed—printable journaling pages. Use this with all your children in grades K – 8 for a full month of writing activities that will make a lasting impact.

Gratitude Lessons Included in Your Gift

  • Plan Your Journal
  • Count Your Blessings
  • Write Them Down
  • Other Activities That Encourage Gratitude

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Printable Pages for Your Gratitude Journal

  1. Mini Lesson | Keeping a Gratitude Journal {with Printables}My Gratitude Journal
  2. It’s Good to Be Thankful
  3. 15 Things
  4. 15 More Things
  5. This Week I’m Thankful For
  6. The Best Thing About Today (for older children)
  7. The Best Thing About Today (for younger children)
  8. Today I am grateful for…
  9. Gratitude Is an Attitude
  10. Thankful for the Little Things
  11. I’m Thankful for You! (letter-writing template for older children)
  12. I’m Thankful for You! (letter-writing template for younger children)
  13. Journal Jar Strips

Break up your routine or add punch and variety to writing lessons with this mini lesson. Use the teaching ideas and printables in addition to—or instead of—a daily writing lesson.

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