Epic! 2011 list of banished words goes viral


Since we’re on the cusp of the new year, I thought it would be both fitting and fun to close out 2010 with Lake Superior State University’s 2011 List of Banished Words.

According to my friend, author and editor Mary Jo Tate:

GOOGLE the banished words list for 2011.

It really has the WOW FACTOR and will surely go VIRAL when THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FACEBOOK it.

I had an A-HA MOMENT when my friend Jay Ryan posted it before I did. EPIC FAIL. What’s the BACK STORY to this competition? It’s not like we’re BFFs.

Guess I need to MAN UP (or would that be woman up?) and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST before he REFUDIATES my linguistic reputation.

A word to the wise: Don’t mess with MAMA GRIZZLIES. I’M JUST SAYIN’.

I had my own AHA MOMENT when I realized I’ve used a few of these myself, particularly in my Facebook status. Oops. Guess that’s a big ol’ FAIL for me.

Personally, I’m a fan of using GOOGLE as a verb (“I googled for XYZ”), but I do agree that most of the other Top Ten words and phrases are indeed over the top.


Over the top. Is that on the list?

Fortunately not, but I may need to MAN UP and retract it when it appears on the 2012 list. JUST SAYIN’.

. . . . .

Do you agree with LSSU’s Top Ten list? Which words or phrases would you like to see banished?

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  • Posted December 31, 2010

    JoJo Tabares

    I was watching something on TV where a man of 29 or so kept using terms like “LOL”, “BFF” and “Totes” when he talked. I’d like to ban those. They are appropriate when used on Twitter but ridiculous when used in a conversation.

  • Posted December 31, 2010


    I agree, JoJo. We can have fun with those in a Facebook status, but I can’t imagine actually saying “LOL” in conversation.

  • Posted December 31, 2010


    Bull; Every two bit politico has used the
    Word “Tsunami” without even knowing how
    it should be used.

  • Posted January 1, 2011


    I agree with the list, and with your add-ons. I also cannot imagine using LOL in conversation (I don’t use it ever, even on Facebook or in a text message). For one thing, do you say “L-O-L” or “lol”?

  • Posted January 2, 2011


    @K-Sue: I’ve seen LOL and lol, but not L-O-L. My theory? The convenience of an acronym would be negated by having to type hyphens.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Posted January 4, 2011


    I, too, have used “google” as a verb. (I am also guilty of using “bing” as a verb; my apologies to Google’s rival!). Other than that, I agree with banning most of the choices on the list!

  • Posted January 4, 2011


    I’m not a big Bing user myself, but it sure is fun to say “I’m going to ‘bing’ XYZ”!

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