End of year writing prompts | Goodbye school, hello summer!

End of Year Writing Prompts | It's the end of the year! Let the kids reflect on the past school year and look forward to summer fun!

The final days of school are fast approaching, making these end of year writing prompts a fun, reflective activity. Invite your kids to spend time looking forward to summer or thinking back on the year that’s passed.

1. Carnival Memories

Summer is right around the corner. That means it’s almost time for the big state fair. You can hardly wait! As you look forward to the annual event, your mind drifts back to last year—and you relive the memories as if it were yesterday. Describe some snapshot moments of your day at the fair so your reader can hear and feel the excitement of the rides, picture the colorful scenes, or taste and smell your favorite carnival foods.

If you didn’t go to the fair last year, use your imagination to write a make-believe “memory”!

2. Easy Peasy!

Think of something that was hard for you at the beginning of the school year but seems much easier to you now. Write about what happened along the way that made this challenging activity or subject suddenly make sense or become fun or interesting.

3. A Letter of Regrets

Admit it. This was not your best school year. Maybe you argued or complained too much, or you always made a big fuss when you didn’t get your way. Maybe you did schoolwork or chores with a bad attitude. Perhaps you often teased or provoked a younger brother or sister or caused trouble in class or in your homeschool.

Write a letter of apology to one person in your family (or to a teacher). Confess the ways you hurt or offended them, apologize, ask for their forgiveness, and explain how you will try to behave differently in the future.

4. It Was a Very Good Year

What’s the best thing that happened to you during this past school year? Did you win a special award? Receive some amazing news? Have an exciting adventure? Spend 10 minutes reliving that memory, writing about it as if it were happening now and you’re recording it in real time.

Did your kids enjoy these end of year writing prompts? If so, be sure to check back for other thematic journaling prompts on Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

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