Diamante contest winners!

Announcing the Winners! 

Congratulations to our winners in WriteShop’s diamante poetry contest. With approximately 70 students submitting a total of 116 entries, it was really hard to select just four winners. My hand went into that bowl with much prayer!

The task of choosing my favorite of the four was even tougher! After all, I had to deliberate between fabulous adjectives such as blustery and timid; strong nouns like tusks, igloos, and frost; and amazing participles including shimmering, lumbering, and crackling. Wow!

In the end, though, I decided on Vincent’s Arctic/Desert diamante. First, I love his topic. It lends itself beautifully to a descriptive diamante. And not only did he choose each word with great care, he painted a dazzling word picture as well. So congratulations to Vincent, our Grand Prize winner, and to our runners-up: Gabriella, Hannah M., and Levi. Well done!


ArcticArctic vista

Blustery, desolate
Swirling, screaming, freezing
Caribou, igloos . . . Camels, tents
Burning, blinding, whistling
Barren, dry

 Vincent, age 13 (Indiana)



Heavy, strong
Lumbering, trumpeting, spraying
Trunk, tusks . . . Whiskers, cheese
Scurrying, trembling, gnawing
Tiny, timid

Hannah, age 13 (New York)

. . . . .


Pink, purple
Shining, shimmering, brightening
Dawn, light . . . Dusk,shadows
Changing, glowing, darkening
Red, orange

Gabriella, age 13 (Washington)

. . . . .

Red, hot
Scorching, burning, boiling
Ember, flame . . . Frost, glacier
Freezing, crackling, chilling
Blue, cold

Levi, age 10 (Colorado)

. . . . .

Vincent has won a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card for himself and a $10 WriteShop gift certificate for his mom. Congratulations!

Runners-up will receive our brand-new poster!

I hope you take a few minutes to read some of the other entries as well, for all our contestants gave their best. You’ll find some true gems, evidence of creativity, hard work, and time spent with The Synonym Finder! As a matter of fact, one mom emailed us to say:

    “Thanks for having these contests. I love seeing [my kids] writing for someone other than myself and digging through the thesaurus!” —Theresa


  • Posted December 16, 2008

    rachel lorren

    i think it is remarkable that you r so young and doing this, god bless you and keep at it children of God

  • Posted February 10, 2009

    Brittany Bogan

    Bright, Passionate
    Charming, Drifting, Growing
    Cherish, Infatuation … Antipathy, Uncaring
    Animosity, Falling, Lifeless
    Dark, Disgusting

  • Posted February 10, 2009


    Thanks for sharing your diamante, Brittany!

  • Posted April 2, 2009

    Me Me

    i think that those poems r really cool

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