Writing Prompt of the Day

Writing Prompt of the Day for grades 3-8 or 7-12

  • Do you need a supply of homeschool writing topics for your children, tweens, and teens?
  • Do you forget to have daily journal time even though you want to develop the habit?

WriteShop has a solution for you! We’ve organized our most humorous, engaging, and thoughtful writing prompts into a series of emails, delivered for free every day, Monday through Friday, for 48 weeks. In all, you will receive 240 emails, each with a single prompt perfect for daily journaling or more in-depth homeschool writing projects.

Choose the grade level you prefer using the form below. The elementary prompts are for grades 3-8, and the teen prompts are for grades 7-12. Although some of the teen prompts may not be meaty enough for advanced high school students to develop into academic essays, they can still work well as writing daily warm-ups. If you have a child in middle grades where these two options overlap, you may want to subscribe to both series and determine which better suits your writer’s maturity and skill level.

Independent learning tip: Teens can subscribe to these emails with their own personal email addresses so they get their daily writing prompt sent directly to them. You don’t have to be the middle man!

Words of Appreciation from Christine

We have just started adding a daily writing prompt to begin our language arts hour. These daily teen prompts are fantastic, and my eighth grade daughter has even gone so far as to choose two and combine them. Without skipping a beat she finds the prompt, determines the type of writing, and heads off to the computer to write. It isn’t long until she’s back with a short composition and a cute clip art picture to make it complete.

Thank you, beyond measure, for this treat to our classroom. She loves the prompts!

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The prompt of the day emails are delivered Monday through Friday at 5:30 a.m. Central Time. You will receive a welcome email immediately after sign up regardless of when you register.

You may unsubscribe from the prompt of the day or modify your subscriptions at any time by clicking the link in the header or footer of any email in the series.

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