14 creative Christmas letters

14 ideas for creative Christmas letters! Write from the pet's or toddler's perspective, make a Top Ten list, create a family newspaper, and more!

It’s December 20th, and I still haven’t written my Christmas letter for 2010. But hope springs eternal! If you’re in the same boat, you might appreciate a few ideas to inspire you.

Creative Christmas Letters

1. Use a newspaper format with major events written as “articles.”

2. Ask one of your older children or teens to write the letter.

3. Make a quiz about the year’s family events. Include multiple choice, true/false, and short-answer questions.

4. Create a Year in Pictures collage, letting the photos and brief captions do the talking.

5. Write your letter from your pet’s point of view.

6. Or, write one from your toddler’s perspective.

7. Invent your own MadLibs Christmas story featuring your family.

8. Write a Top 10 List.

9. Mail a digital Christmas letter.

10. Ask each person to contribute his or her own year in review to a family letter. Either a paragraph or bullet points will work.

11. How about a Year of Favorites? Share about favorite events, places visited, books read, etc.

12. Write a rhyming letter or poem.

13. Christmas by the numbers (such as 1 cruise, 3 trips to the emergency room, etc.)

14. If you completely run out of time, write a Happy New Year letter recapping the year, and mail it in January.

Do you send out Christmas letters? What have you done in the past to make yours stand out from the rest? Post your ideas in the comments!


  • Posted December 20, 2010


    This year, I just used words or very short phrases, centered them on a page, and lined them up to look like a Christmas tree. The ones at the bottom of the tree might have several things separated by bullet points so it’s wide enough. 2010 was at the top and the last line said praying • reading • singing • friends • church, then under that were peace, love, and Jesus each on its own line to make the trunk.

  • Posted December 20, 2010


    Love that idea, Carol. That way, you can fit in lots of important and special events without worrying about fancy prose. Thanks so much for taking a moment to share this great suggestion!

  • Posted December 20, 2010


    We haven’t sent out Christmas cards since the year we were married, 5 years ago. I decided that 5 yrs was a good time span, and that will make it easier to remember, by our anniversary years, just do it every 5 years.
    We went with a traditional Christmas letter, enclosed in a 4×8 photo card. Still waiting for the last of the cards to arrive, and just need to print out address labels. So some of them may not get to their destination til after Christmas, but I have no problem with that, since December 25th is just the FIRST DAY of the Christmas Season! (I don’t like to see everyone packing away their Christmas decorations the next day).
    I love the idea in the comment above about phrases making a Christmas Tree! You could also do a bell or angel, or anything, depending how creative and artistic you are!
    What might be fun is have your children draw a picture (outline) and write inside their, whether it’s phrases, or an actual letter.
    I love the newspaper article idea too!

  • Posted December 20, 2010


    Every five years sounds so doable, Nancy. Love it!

    Around here, we decorate right after Thanksgiving so that we can celebrate Christmas with our son and his wife, who come from England to visit at Thanksgiving time. We take the decorations down a few days after Christmas. We host a family bunco night on New Year’s Eve, so the Christmas stuff needs to be dismantled beforehand.

  • Posted December 21, 2010


    Actually working on a trivia letter at the moment complete with the answers upside down in the bottom corner!

    I had not consider multiple choice as part of that…excellent!

    I place the letters with collaged pictures on them in a handmade card. It’s a process.


  • Posted December 21, 2010


    The trivia idea is great, Heather! I ended up doing the “Christmas by the numbers” option, expanding on each one in a sentence or two. Here are some of my nunbers:

    20,768 air miles.
    60 dozen cookies.
    1 new job.
    6 grandkids.
    35 years of marriage.

    I ended it with 1 Baby, quoting Isaiah 9:6.

    It’s fun to get creative!

  • Posted December 21, 2010


    My husband’s family has used an interesting twist before: they’ve written a third-person short story(a mystery, actually)and used themselves as the characters and all major happenings of the year as events in the plot. They “ended” the story with a series of “what happened next?” questions, inviting recipients of their letter to personally respond with predictions, based upon clues hidden in the letter’s text. About a month later, a second letter was sent, the “conclusion” to the “Christmas clues” letter. For the few years they’ve done this, the Christmas mystery was a great hit with family and friends, but it does take some advance drafting and writing!

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