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by | Sep 5, 2018 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Fall is in the air! Invite the kids to pick their favorite autumn writing prompts and write stories and vivid descriptions!

Fall is in the air! What a perfect time to invite your children to pick one of these autumn writing prompts to write stories and descriptions about this favorite season.

Set aside a few minutes in your homeschool week and assign a bit of journaling. Whether the kids want to write about bonfires and watching football with Dad—or they choose to scare up a good mystery story, there’s a prompt to make everyone happy! 

1. Fall Memory

In your mind, picture the most vivid, perfect autumn day you can remember. Describe it using strong, colorful vocabulary that captures the sights, textures, aromas, flavors, and sounds of that memorable day.

2. Apple Tales

October is National Apple MonthWrite a story that features apples and that takes place in the fall. Use at least six of these words: orchard, basket, hidden, barn, cinnamon, contest, frost, book, country, granny, stranger, blanket, owl

3. Strange Disappearance

You and your friend have been raking leaves this bright autumn morning. Taking a break, your friend jumps into a deep pile of leaves … and disappears! Not knowing what else to do, you follow him. Write a story about your adventure. 

4. Scarecrow Sweepstakes

Your town is hosting its annual scarecrow-making contest, and you’ve decided to participate. Describe the scarecrow you will design. What will it look like? What will you make it from? How will you clothe it?

5. Fall Festivities

Fall means picking apples, baking pumpkin pies, watching the World Series, shopping for boots and warm scarves, taking walks in the woods, and cheering at high school football games. What’s your favorite fall event? Explain why you look forward to it and how you take part.

Check out a few more fall writing prompts and activities to try out in your homeschool:

Fall is in the air! Invite the kids to pick their favorite autumn writing prompts and write stories and vivid descriptions!


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