Autumn creative writing prompts for kids

Autumn Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

This time of year invites kids to enjoy the food, festivities, and fun that make autumn special. Whether your children write about a squirrel with big problems, a mystery at a harvest party, or a favorite fall treat, these four autumn creative writing prompts will give them plenty of ideas!

1. Aw, Nuts!

Imagine you’re a squirrel who is trying to gather nuts and acorns. Unfortunately, three obstacles have gotten in your way! One is a bird or animal, one is a human, and one is something from nature. Write a journal or diary entry telling how you overcame each obstacle to reach your goal of storing food for winter.

2. Mystery at the Harvest Party

You and your family are visiting a farm for a harvest party. In the midst of the festivities, something mysterious happens. Describe your evening using at least five words or phrases from this word bank: hayride, corn maze, wagon, moonlight, barn, bonfire, crawl, jump, owl, stone wall, ditch, spider web, fiddle, shadow, clue, suspect, disappear.

3. Appetite for Autumn

What is your favorite fall treat? Is it roast turkey or pumpkin pie? Caramel apples or hot chocolate? Warm chocolate chip cookies or freshly baked applesauce muffins? Pick one, and use vivid sensory words to describe your treat, explaining how it looks, smells, and tastes.

4. What’s the Difference?

In many ways, autumn and spring are opposites. Think about weather, holidays, sports, nature, and other ways each season is unique, and write an essay comparing and contrasting these two distinct times of year.


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