As seen in the skool hallway

My bad-signage buddy, Mike, sent me a couple of stellar school-hall spelling and grammar alerts.


Oops . . . “inappropiate” spelling on campus!

You’ve heard of the 3 Rs, right? Looks like they could have used one of those Rs in this hall sign.


A cafeteria for loners

This must be one small cafeteria. And one really special teacher. Wonder where the rest of the teachers eat lunch?

Photos courtesy of Mike at

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  • Posted January 5, 2011

    JoJo Tabares


  • Posted January 5, 2011


    It also makes me wonder what they’re serving in that one little cafeteria that it should need the fire extinguisher on site, while the rest of the school’s supposed “cafeterias” don’t! 🙂

  • Posted January 5, 2011


    Hahaha! Probably “Five-Alarm Chili.”

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