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DOES YOUR CHILD whimper and sink low in his seat when faced with his weekly spelling list? Is your current spelling method failing to capture his attention or produce desired results? Then perhaps All About Spelling by Marie Rippel is the spelling curriculum you have been looking for.

It isn’t your garden-variety, ho-hum spelling program. This looks like fun!

A Multisensory Approach

All About Spelling capitalizes on multisensory learning by including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning tools. It invites children to approach spelling and vocabulary with curiosity and enthusiasm for the learning journey.

Also, to accommodate even the most reluctant speller, the curriculum incorporates the use of phonograms, a tool that aids a child’s ability to sound out unfamiliar words and master spelling.

Rippel’s purpose in writing this curriculum is to teach children spelling in such a way that they always have the tools they need “at hand” to successfully and consistently spell accurately. And, due to the multisensory integration in All About Spelling, children are apt to internalize the principles taught and remember them easily.

You can begin working with children as young as preschool age. The program targets any school-age child who is working to establish and solidify spelling skills. Older children who struggle with spelling will benefit from reviewing the skills in this curriculum also.

Program Features

Each level comes prepackaged with both teacher and student materials.

All About Spelling Review - This homeschool spelling program offers multisensory learning by including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning tools.

Teacher’s Manual: This product is a series of paperback books, Levels 1 through 7, which serve as teachers manuals for the series.

Material Packet: Each Teacher’s Manual comes with a corresponding student Material Packet, also available separately. Each student will need his own.

Each Material Packet includes nearly everything your student will need to successfully complete all the lessons in that particular level. For Level 1, where most students begin, items such as progress charts, flashcards, index card dividers, and a completion certificate are included in the material packet. As the levels progress, more items are added to each material packet to accommodate growing spelling skills.

Interactive Kits: You will need to make a one-time purchase of either the Basic or Deluxe Interactive Kit, which you will use in Levels 1 through 7. The Interactive Kit contains items such as letter tiles, magnets, and Phonogram CD-ROM.

How It Works

To use All About Spelling, follow step-by-step instructions that guide you through the teaching process. The teacher’s manual provides sample dialogue along with tips for teachers, encouragement from the author, and hints for how to motivate your student.

Each book level is comprised of up to 28 lessons, with every lesson thoroughly mapped out so you can easily follow along. How much time you spend on a lesson is completely customizable. You decide if your student needs to spend a few days or weeks going over a particular lesson, or if your eager learner is ready to plow through a handful of lessons at a time.

Together, you and your child practice principles from each lesson using the provided flashcards to help the student master phonogram and letter sounds. The flashcards include:

  • Sound Cards for parent to dictate letter sounds for the student to write
  • Phonogram Cards that teach the sound of each phonogram
  • Key Cards with quiz questions to test your student’s memory
  • Word Cards that incorporate the sounds your student is learning simple words your child can recognize by sight

Nearly everything your student needs to complete a lesson is provided, including perforated flashcard-sized dividers for orderly storage of your flashcards. You will need to provide additional items such as lined paper, colored pencils, and stickers. An optional magnet board and letter tile magnets, available from All About Spelling, further enhance the learning experience.

Integration of Learning Styles

What I like most about All About Spelling is the integration of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. The broad appeal to the various types of ways children learn allows parents to capitalize on their own child’s individual strengths instead of highlighting their weaknesses.

Also, easy-to-follow instructions liberate overwhelmed parents by taking the lesson-planning stress out of teaching vital spelling skills. With very little needed beyond the included material packets, this curriculum is a one-stop shop for teaching your child how to spell.

Through Rippel’s well-planned parental guidance and your encouragement of your own children, All About Spelling sets children up for success.

Click to receive free spelling downloads, or visit All About Spelling’s FAQ page to learn more about the program, see sample lessons, and get placement help.

Courtney Parkinson holds a master’s degree in counseling (MFT) from Cal Baptist University. A former WriteShop student herself, Courtney now works as a child therapist. 

WriteShop received a set of books from All About Spelling at no charge in exchange for Courtney’s honest review. No other compensation was provided. We did not promise a favorable All About Spelling review, just an honest opinion of this product. However, because of our positive impression of the program, WriteShop is now an affiliate. This post contains affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy

All About Spelling Review - This homeschool spelling program offers multisensory learning by including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning tools.


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    All about Spelling seems to have a wonderfully way of teaching spelling that I feel my son can and will benefit from.


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